Saturday, November 13, 2004



Okay, I am majorly behind in this novel writing thing but I am still doing it. Yesterday I didn't get any done as we went to the farm (pics to come but they have to wait till my oc gets home from the LAN) and then I managed a snooze in the arvo (afternoon) followed by some child free time trying to stay awake wiht hubby.
Merc did sleep better last night, not waking till 4am so I managed to get some good rest in.
I have been feeling fine today but am aware of how sleepy pc's can make you feel. I have felt great up until the time i sat down and decided to do some more work on my novel. I cleaned out and reorganised the linen cupboard, folded a weeks worth of laundry, even cleaned the filter in the air conditioning. I have fed bubs multiple times and even had an ice cream for lunch (followed by an apple).
It is a hot sticky day with very little breeze so my attempts at keeping the house cool are diminishing, though the day is 3 hours away from cooling down so I think we will survive. I just hope the kids want to go out for a walk later.
Ok, time to stop rambling and start writing again.
Have a great weekend.

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