Wednesday, November 17, 2004



I went grocery shopping with the kids!
Alone, no other adult help what so ever!
It wasn't too bad as I took to rewarding them for good behaviour, plus there are no corners at the shops.
Tomorrow I pick up their reward, provided I remember of course. They got a pre-reward reward though. Santa gave them a gingerbread man each, for free. I am all for free stuff especially when it benefits us.
Last month and the month before, they (the shopping centre) were giving away free re-usable shopping bags. I think I managed to get about 6 bags in total and will start using them next year possibly. We use the normal plastic bags for the garbage, as it saves us from buying rubbish bags.
Well, back to the topic.
This month, they are giving away free photos with Santa if you produce a docket proving you spent over $20 somewhere in the centre. We don't actively encourage Santa but he is everywhere so I thought, what the hey, I get a free professionally taken photo of the 3 older girls with a guy in a big red suit (who oughta be sweating rivers in this weather). Merc missed out since she was perched on my back in the back pack and I momentarily forgot she was there.
Did I mention that she was a good bubs? No? Well she is.
Ok, time to get off my arse and get this lot ready for dinner.

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