Saturday, November 27, 2004


Teething Troubles Update

No teeth this morning. The temperature, sore red ears, red tender gums are all gone. I am sure I can see the teeth just sitting there though.
The only thing that is different about her today is that she is very sedate but happy. I think she is still tired from last night since she didn't sleep till 12.30am and then was up at 6am, then back up at 9am till 3pm. She doesn't even show any sign of wanting to go to bed right now either. (It is 8pm) She had possibly 1 hour of sleep at 3pm also.
She is happier and that is a blessing.
Due to her not wanting to sleep last night I was able to fit in a movie (Dodgeball) and do some painting for an upcoming birthday present.
Dodgeball was hilarious and it was good to have a laugh at despite the late night it caused (1.15am bed time).

In other news

Miranda is still doing basketball despite being conked in the face with the ball. She sometimes seems to have a co-ordination problem. I am going to blame it on the strange way she was born (footling posterior breech with one foot up behind her head). She also only has one night left of girls brigade this year before a two month break. We hope to take video of it as it is her awards night and the night she gets moved up to the next level (from cadets to juniors)

Jadeen looks so tiny when viewed from afar. She still fits into size 4 clothes even if they are on the tight side but her average size is 5. She is a very busy little girl who is always on the go and throws sulks if things don't happen how she wants them to happen. She will be 6 very shortly (day after Christmas). She has also learnt to write her name, mostly by teaching herself. I was surprised at how quickly she picked it up. I am glad we waited that extra 6 months to start her schooling. She start next year and can't wait to be like her big sister (who has already done three years).

Erin is currently stuck between being a little girl and being a 'big' girl. Her toileting has improved dramatically though when she is overtired, sick or needs attention she will still wet her pants. Her language is still coming along and we are starting to understand more. What I find cute about her is that we can put size 2 pants/skirts on her and they end up being hipsters or falling off. She is such a tiny little girl weighing in at 13kgs. She is also at her happiest when mummy spends time cuddling and doing things with her.

Mercedes, well you have already read about her but she is a cute gorgeous little bundle of warm dough which is almost ready to crawl properly (she did that for about 2 'steps' the other day while hubby was up north).

Hubby? Well you can catch up with him on his site.

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