Thursday, November 25, 2004


Things I Have Learnt From Being A Parent

  • biscuits don't flush that well but favourite toys do
  • how to type one handed
  • that if you homeschool, work from home and look after a house then it is near impossible to write 50,000 words without loosing sleep.
  • baby cuddles are the best after sleepless nights
  • when babies reach a certain stage they will eat the smallest thing they can pick up off the floor that is not food
  • floor mats under the highchair only catch a small amount of food dropped, thrown, spit up, etc
  • dogs make wonderful floor cleaners and is cheaper then buying dog food
  • kids will do almost anything for a lolly
  • never give a child a room with a locking door unless you have a key for it
  • regardless of how cold it is or what company you have, toddlers will always prefer to be undressed
  • some toys are fixable, some toys are binable.
  • the more expensive the toy the more fixable it is
  • pedestal fans provide hours of fun
  • kids love to help cook as long as they get to lick the bowl afterwards
  • extracurricular activities are usually after school hours and on weekends
  • when a baby smiles it will make you smile regardless of how lousy your day is
  • fresh, plain coloured skirts or shirts make excellant tissues for baby's runny nose. It adds interest to an otherwise boring outfit!

there are plenty more but I am typing one handed while trying to make a toddler smile (who just woke up) while feeding a baby and getting pins and needles in my foot.

Have a great day!

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