Sunday, November 14, 2004



A few things of note have happened so far today.
  • I awoke suddenly at 12.30am thinking the bubs needed me when all she was doing was rolling over in her cot to go back to sleep
  • I woke up again when hubby got home from his LAN and decided to wash his feet (!?)
  • This morning all went well and for once hubby was the last one ready to go to church
  • Mercedes gets up to her elbows and knees now
  • She also pushes with her feet to go forwards as she hasn't quite worked out the arms bit
  • Miranda asked me if she could have a boyfriend! I had to say no and explained she could have boys as friends but not a boyfriend. She is only 8yrs old.
  • I also told her that she had to be friends with a boy before she could be his girlfriend.
  • Hubby said an outright 'no'
  • Bubs now takes food off a spoon from me and spits half of it out in my direction
  • I am making a bolognaise sauce for dinner but I think I put it on too late so it won't get a long slow simmer.
  • I need to get off this thing because Erin (3) is overtired, hungry and grumpy; and I can't reason with her (she wants lollies and I say no)

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