Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Warning - Gruesome Goblins

The goblins had come out of nowhere, or so it seemed, upon the backs of foxes and wolves. Even though they were tiny, about 2 feet in height, they were still deadly with amazing precision. Their skin was as tough as leather, only softening in the joints and about the neck. Their eyes gleamed with a yellow hatred, only seen in those underground nightmares, and their features, all different but yet all the same. Their skin was a bronzy green, perfect for hiding among the elves habitat, and covered in warts. Some had hook noses, some had chunks taken from their ears, others were just too ugly to describe. There was one thing for sure; you could never mistake a goblin for anything else other then a goblin.
The goblins rode into the well established village of the wood elves, their sharp but crude swords slashing at anything alive. They would even kill their own if they got in the way, without so much as a regret. They were purely there to kill, and it did not matter what or who it was. The elves had little chance to react to the onslaught but fight they did.

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