Tuesday, November 09, 2004



The weather today was a bit of surprise. I knew we were expecting thunderstorms, but not hail storms.
When I headed out this morning it was sunshine and a few clouds in the sky. I knew it wouldn't last. The fine weather lasted up until lunch time when some soft rain fell. This stopped shortly after and then we headed to a bookshop. While there the rain began to pelt down followed by hail the size of peas. I would say this lasted about 10 minutes before we decided to go. I didn't think I would see anymore of the hail. I was wrong.
I dropped PG and her kids off at her house then headed to pick up the girls from pre-school. It started to hail on the way there, I could see the hail bouncing on the road before us. Not much hit the car fortunately. The hail continued all the way to preschool and majority of the time I was there.
While there I agreed to help out by taking some photos for them. I hope they turn out alright.
I also strongly dislike rain that come in almost horizontal, making it difficult to keep the car dry while you struggle with child seatbelts. My clothes are still damp and I have been home half an hour now. They will dry soon, only to get wet again when we head out to girls brigade.
Hope you all had a great day, I had a good one, spending it with PG and kids.

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