Thursday, November 11, 2004


Word Count Plus Tidbit

Thursday 11 November

11am - 1 minute of reflections as it is rememberance day and at 11am on the 11/11 there is traditionally 1 minute silence to remember those who fell in times of war.

11.01am - starting writing for the day - 5352

11.14am - 5573 - a nappy change, sms and played with bubs during this time

11.53am - 6222 - lunch time - during that time i had multiple distractions from helping Miranda with schoolwork, Mercedes trying to restart my pc and more sms's

I will try to get some more done later but that will only happen if I get my day in control and plan it out a bit better.


Amber came to the brook as the rising sun was still making its way across the land, its golden rays peeking through the giant fern fronds to make the water look like shining gems. Little fish darted about in the pools of water, chasing the odd water beetle for its breakfast. A frog croaked quietly within its cool home. It was relaxing, where she was standing, you could not see the caves from here, and you could almost forget about them. For that instant she did not wish to go farther, seeking out the people she once knew. She wished to stay in this paradise, listening to the croak of the frogs, call of the birds and rhythmic splashing of the brook as it passed over the rocky path.

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