Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Word Count

November 9
7.40 pm - 4170
7.50 pm - 4309 - i turned on music and got a little distracted by that as well as watching the girls try to capture a large cricket without actually touching it.
8pm - 4484 - break time, girls need me

November 10
11.25am - 4509
let's see how much I can get done today, with distractions of course.
11.33am - 4657 - first distraction of a stuck baby and Miranda not wanting to do her school work
11.37am - 4730 - 2nd distraction - Erin getting scared by a low flying plane thinking it was thunder. Did I mention we had a black out last night during a storm? The kids don't like storms at the best of times. - Also end of official first chapter but third chapter so far.

Ok, I am quite a way behind and if I continue at this pace then I won't get it done by the end of the month but I want to continue it anyhow, see if I can actually finish it. Today I want to try and put pencil to paper and draw one of the characters mentioned so far. Maybe a goblin, maybe Amber, maybe Drust. Oohhh, that is right, you haven't met them yet, well apart from Amber. Maybe I will introduce you to one of them next.

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