Thursday, December 30, 2004



This is what time our day started. We were up at that time because of the 5 hour trip that lay ahead of us. Fortunately the trip there and back (yes it was 10 hours of driving) was uneventful and the only time the adrenalin started pumping was when some roos (kangaroos) decided the road in front of us was a good meeting place. Fortunately there were no mishaps due to some careless roos.
We were off to my Grandmothers funeral. It was a nice service and it let people know that her life was something to be thankful for. She was 74 years old.
We started off by stopping in to get changed and see Grandad. I gave him a painting I did especially for the occassion and as a late Christmas gift.
Then it was off to the church service. Since the church was only small they set up another hall and some chairs on the lawn (with speakers) for those who weren't able to go in. It was family and close friends inside. I ended up standing at the back as Erin wouldn't and couldn't stay still for more then 10 seconds but I did get to see it all. It was nice.
After this it was off to the graveside ceremony (first time I had been to one of these). This caused more emotion to stir inside of me, but yet, it was not a sad occassion. Maybe I am emothional disabled or maybe it was just a body we were burying and her spirit was already in heaven.
After this it was lunch in a hall in town and catching up with people whom I didn't know.
It was a long day.
We left at 1pm and took a long tiring journey home, stopping twice to let the kids play and then have an early dinner.
Home we are, Mercedes is excited about being able to roam around and the rest are all tucked up in their beds.
That's it in a nutshell.

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