Friday, December 17, 2004


Bumps, bruises and x-rays

The last few days have been hectic. I think it is due to Christmas coming soon but I now am dreading having to return to the shops before Christmas, especially if I have to take 4 kids.
I was silly on Tuesday and stayed up past pumpkin time and then paid for it the following two days. During those days of tiredness I was sent to bed one day for a two hour nap, struggled with kids, rude postmasters and general pre-Christmas shopping crowds. Hopefully this will encourage hubby to not dawdle after the Christmas party we are attending on Saturday (yes, a night out without the kids, I do not know how I will cope!)
During the Wednesday post office struggle with four grumpy kids in tow, Erin fell out of the pram. We usually have Merc in the back of the pram, and Erin sitting in front. I thought the ground was flat but there was a nasty bump just big enough to stop the pram but not big enough to be noticed (plus I was having a sleep deprived day) and wham! the pram stopped dead and Erin fell out.
Well, she complained about it hurting for a while and the next day it was off to the docs (whom is 30 mins away) and some x-rays later it was discovered she only strained her foot. But now we have some cool x-rays of her foot which, if I remember, will scan in and put up.
Now the next week will be filled with something or other apart from housework. It escapes my brain at the moment but I am sure it will come to me sometime.
Have a happy Friday and it is only 8 sleeps until Christmas.
I wonder who that BIG present under the Christmas tree is for.

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