Friday, December 24, 2004


Christmas Eve

I sat at breakfast and thought, I can't wait till Christmas is over, just so I can sleep in. Then I realised that the day after Christmas is Jadeen's birthday, then the next day is the street party. At least the street party is at night time so we won't have to worry too much about getting up early, but it will still be a busy time.
This happened last year also.
After the street party I will probably have a day to recoup in before I head up north and back (5 hours each way but longer with kids). I will possibly do the trip in two days though.
All the late nights and early mornings (due to early rising kids) has made for a tired mumma. Showers usually wake me up, but not so this morning, so I have given in and am having a Vit B drink while contemplating going back to bed but knowing that as soon as I do one of the youngest two will wake up and need my attention.
At least all the shopping is done for Christmas, and I do not need to go to the shops again. Hubby does, to pick up Jadeen's new bike for her birthday.

In regards to Jade's birthday the day after Christmas. It was not my choice, she was 3 weeks early! We will celebrate her birthday family style on boxing day (26th) and then a few weeks down the track we will have a party for her to invite friends to.

My to-do list for today

  • cook turkey roll so it can be cold and cut up for breakfast tomorrow
  • de-skin ham
  • peruse the web for good waffle recipes (any tried and proven recipes before tonight would be a great help...hint hint)
  • try not to think about how stuffed full the freezer is and hope no one wants anything out of it (it is packed just right)
  • hunt for Christmas stockings
  • possibly organise a play date for the kids
  • possibly make the hour round trip to the post office box
  • double check that everything is ready for breakfast tomorrow
  • paint a rose (has to be done in the next 4 days)
  • normail miscellaneous housework such as laundry, dishes, floors, closing the door on the kids room.

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