Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Feed Break

I am taking a break while Merc has her feed before her morning nap.
So far, in the last hour, we have trimmed the fig, discovered a bird's nest in the fig with two babies in it (not far off leaving the nest), pulled a few weeds, trimmed the ? tree and the other ? tree, piled the tree branches etc into piles, weeded the patio, changed a drenched baby (girls decided to empty the pool onto the baby but fortunately merc didn't mind). That's it i think.
I think I shall do laundry next and scrub the shower, oh and set Miranda's schoolwork of course.

Miscellaneous Note : The next door neighbour came over asking to borrow a needle and thread. I think she had to ring the door bell 3 times before I woke up to answer it. It was 7.30am but it was still early for me and all the kids were still asleep.

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