Monday, December 20, 2004


I Had It!

I had a really good post written, updating this family and their what nots, but I lost it. This browser I was using did something silly and then it was gone, all gone! Argh

A quick summary
Merc - she says mum mum mum for mummy, she says ba baba for Erin, she sits at my feet when she wants to be picked up, she can stand on her feet while supporting herself with her hands. I think her fourth tooth is through, but not sure.

Erin - Very much in need of a lot of cuddles but loves to help when she can

Jadeen - Compassionate, helpful litle girl who makes awesome snowflakes

Miranda - friendly girl who plays with the next door neighbour most days and makes great snowflakes also

Me - Feeling lazy from too many late nights, trying to be creative and just had my pc rebuilt

Hubby - busy rebuilding PCs and being right

Grandma - still alive last I heard. They upped the morphine and she is unconscious (I think) We are not allowed in anymore, only her husband and children are.

That's it in a nut shell, time to get laundry done and cleaned up for homegroup tonight.

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