Tuesday, December 14, 2004



We got struck yesterday, by lightening.
Well, at least the ground near our place did.
The sky was a lovely clear blue, not a cloud in the sky, then it started to grow dark, but not the dark of an oncoming storm but just a dimming of light. The sky was not even half covered when a bolt of lightening and the booming of thunder was felt by all within the house. The computers remained on, and I even had a chance to check the radar to find out more about the oncoming storm. There was red in those clouds (according the radar) and that meant bad.
All cleared up for a while, the sky still growing darker though, then the thunder started rumbling, little bits of lightening lit up the sky. I am not sure when exactelly but sometime early on our phone lines were hit. It was probably not long after I had told the kids not to touch the phones during the storm.
Due to that random lightening strike we lost our router and a NIC (?) or two.
Back to the storm
At one stage the rain was going almost horizontal due to the strong winds, the dog was cowering under the smallest peice of protection there is for a dog outside in the rain. (She refused to stay on the nice dry patio or by the back door or even in her kennel.
The kids were all cuddled up to mum while the storm raged. It was all over in about an hour and after restarting all the PCs (well, 6 of them anyhows) I discovered the internet problem and being technologly dim I did not work out what the problem was.
It is a day later, we have a new router, NIC cards and whole heap of time spent by hubby fixing it up.

Here is the sms convo by hubby and me

Rasita - Big storm almost here. Had lightening right overhead. Do not ring please. Office door blocked with nappy.
(we use cloth nappies as rags)
Jethro - Same here. Put car in garage. Just had power outage
(he was at a clients)
Rasita - Another lightening strike on us. Wind was almost horizontal at one stage. Will keep an eye on all electrical
Jethro - Shut down all pcs, not servers
Rasita - OK
Rasita - Is your power up yet? We did not loose it here. Time to make menus

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