Saturday, December 11, 2004



Ouch #1 : Mercedes is teething again. This time it is her fourth tooth making it's way into existence.

Ouch #2 : Erin jumped over the bean bag last night, tripped and banged her head on the floor.

Ouch #3 : Erin jumped over the bean bag again and this time fell into the corner of the toybox. There is a bruise about an inch long and in the shape of the edge of the toybox. We got ice onto it early enough last night that it is barely noticeable.

Ouch #4 : Mercedes was happily chewing on my shopping list today at groceries and bobbing her head when she bobbed too much and banged the edge of the trolley with her forehead. Only a slight red mark at the time but it meant she changed positions with Erin (I was thankful for this) and I had her on the hip and Erin in the trolley child seat.

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