Thursday, December 02, 2004



First things first
Sorry hubby but I ain't making it to basketball this arvo. That is an hour and a half I need for getting ready for tomorrow.

Today I have been a gluten of punishment as I realised I had not done enough up to this stage to give myself a cruisy day. Plus the hired help rang up to say she had to be with her daughter which was in hospital. It was too late to get hired help and then (speaking from experience) you spend most of the time with a new one/replacement showing them the ropes. So i didn't bother to get anyone in, though I did try to ring my teenage sister on the off chance I could offer her money in exchange for some help. I highly doubted that she would take me up on the offer despite the money involved. She is 15 and her boyfriend, SMSing and friends come first.
So, I took on the lot on my lonesome while trying to 'encourage' Miranda to complete her schoolwork while Jade and Erin made mud pies in a puddle and brought them up to the patio and smeared mud covered hands all over the glass sliding door. At least they were kept busy for a while, away from the TV.
So far today I have tidied, cleaned and reorganised my bathroom, bedroom, kids bathroom, patio. I have also had the lawn guy come in to clean up the mess I made the other day, mow the yard and trim the hedges. I have bathed two brown kids to discover they were actually pink, fed bubs multiple times, made lunch, cleaned walls, washed down the patio (did I forget to mention that it is bigger then my mothers 3 bedroom house?), etc etc.
I still have laundry to fold, grass to pull out of the garden, floors to clean and wash, kids bedrooms to tidy. See why I can't do basketball.
Why am I sitting here?
I am taking a breather after washing the glass sliding door clean and eating the small bag of cherries that came in the fruit and veg box today. They were yum!
Next job is the rubbish and front patio.

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