Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Pumpkin Time

It is that time of night when the clock strikes 11 and I turn into a pumpkin if I am not in bed. Well, that is what I say anyhows.

Tonight I took the opportunity to finish Jadeen's birthday present. I have painted up a canvas with her favourite animal on it. You will get to see it when I feel like pulling it down from it's hidey hole to photograph it.
Earlier today I started another present, but I can't say anymore on that one and I can't post pictures of it either, until after Christmas at least.

Today has been good and relaxed. All the kids were well behaved and for once Miranda zipped through her schoolwork in record time. Only one more week of school then it is over for the year and then it is holiday time. Yippee! I get holidays!

Mercedes loves to crawl, and climb the couple of steps we have in our place, but she hasn't worked out how to go down yet. Her three teeth are quite visible now and the fourth looks set to come through any day now.

Jadeen needed mummy last night so I let her sleep at the bottom of my side of the bed during the night. She has been a happy girl today.

Even Erin was exceptionally happy today with a little less mischief then normal. She was full of cuddles tonight as Mercedes played on the ground and we watched a little TV.

Today we put up our Christmas tree, but only because we worked out a way to keep Mercedes out, now all we need to do is work out how to keep Erin and Jadeen out of it. At least the tree will always be interesting since it keeps getting redecorated.
Look here for a cool photo of the Christmas lights I put up (have since put up more).

I think that is it for now. I am about to change into a pumpkin if I do not get any rest. (Pumpkins are horrible to negotiate or even converse with, but at least they always have a good hair day!)

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