Wednesday, December 22, 2004



My Grandma passed away peacefully at 8.20am. When we went and saw her last week, that night she went downhill and pulled out her feeding tube which they were unable to put back in. She is at peace now and no longer in pain or sick.
The funeral will be next week, possibly on Thursday.

Christmas Lights

Where have they all gone? There seems to be a dramatic decrease this year. We did find one street however, that was attracting even tour buses.

Festive Fruit

I think I over did it on the cherries this year. Yesterday I bought a tray of mangos for $10AUD ($7.66 US), and two 1 kg (2.2lbs) bags of cherries for $4 ($3.06 US).
I went back today to get another bag of cherries for my mum but this time they were selling boxes of cherries (5kg - 11lbs) for $8 ($6.12US) so I grabbed that and a bag of tomatoes. They also threw in a lettuce for free.
Tomorrow we get a 80 litre (21 gallons) box full of fruit. I think I need to start freezing some cherries!

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