Monday, January 31, 2005


Can You?

Can you fit a camel through the top of a bottle?
Nor can Mercedes, even if it is a small plastic one.


Chairs, Steps & Hairbrushes

Bubs is growing up and today it was obvious once more.
  • While changing a nappy I gave her a hairbrush to play with (to keep her in one spot) and she started to brush her hair with it.
  • The kids have some smaller kid sized fold out chairs and now bubs can climb up into them, though she can't get out just yet.
  • She has taken a few steps while holding onto a chair and pushing it around. I think it is time to find her a walky toy.
  • Bubs eats almost all foods that we do now. She is surely growing up.
  • She turns 1 in 9 days time.
  • She also chases the broom around while I sweep. She isn't interested in the dirt but in chasing the broom (and she isn't interested in catching it)
  • The best way to entertain bubs is with a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the baby bath, so she can splash around. This is best done during dishes time.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Cindy Maulkner

BB's Visit

"I guess this means I am either pregnant with a baby squid which also doubles as a tracer, or he is crazy, or I was just dreaming, or there is a partial truth to what he said and he is only half crazy. I will find this out when I go in for the meeting tomorrow."

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Vibrating Toilet

Those are the words that first came to mind while I was sitting behind hubby on the back of his black beast, and trying to work out a way to describe it.
Hubby and I went on a date night tonight. It was only the third time I had left my baby for longer then 1 hour.
The night stared off with kids eating dinner while Sara, our babysitter, turned up. They were all quite happy for us to go as a animal show was on tv (about killer whales) and said their goodbyes without a tear. I suited up, jeans, jacket, gloves, shoes and helmet.
Did you know that I have two pockets inside my jacket? No, nor did I till tonight.
While I went and bought tickets and popcorn hubby got his dinner (I ate before we left), then I sat around waiting for him to turn up. We went and saw 'Elektra'. It was great even if the red outfit wasn't quite right on Jennifer Garner.
After that it was off to Gloria Jean's for an iced non-alcholic pina colada. Then we took the black beast home. Hubby is taking the babysitter home right now while I get the kids to bed.

Friday, January 28, 2005



Rockchild requested a picture of the butterfly once it had emerged from it's cocoon. Well Rock, here it is. The new butterfly.

PS. Big thanks to Rockchild for the mega link to me, on his site.



A Ballerina In The Making?

What do you think?
You think she has the right gear for the job?

Erin wanted to go play with the bigger girls and couldn't (apparently) find anything else to wear apart from her sister's tutu.

Isn't she cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2005




Useless Knowledge

The top 10 countries visiting this site
  1. United States of America
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. New Zealand
  6. Germany
  7. Netherlands
  8. Denmark
  9. India
  10. Belgium
The further you go in the list the more diverse they get. This month has been my biggest month so far for visits, yet it has been the slowest month for posts.
If you are a lurker out there, drop a hi and which country you come from.

Monday, January 24, 2005



Lost is coming to Australia (I think it starts February 27)
As long as it doesn't clash with Alias I may watch it


New Addition

Sunday, January 23, 2005


A New Life In The Making

I saw this , this morning and thought it was a little gold bell hanging off some branches.


My 2 Cents At 3.20am

What's the big deal with this sponge bob thing. I just watched the movie (can't remember the link sorry but you can get there via Kristyk) I saw absolutely no sexual reference, nor heard any. I saw about 2 seconds, maybe 4 seconds, of sponge bob in the whole video and the only thing remotely gay was the 1 second I saw him wearing a pink/light orange bathrobe. I could be mistaken on the colour though. I also don't know why they would be showing it in school anyway, it isn't remotely educational and I don't think it will be remembered by many kids whom do see it. The only thing I can remember from it is a few fleeting images from shows I have watched before and 'The Count' from sesame street, counting.
I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and now I am dragging myself back to bed so mine can be fresh in the morning.

Note : Found it. Go about halfway down the page and launch the video.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Snail Trails

Merc, aka bubs, is drooling. Not just a little bit that wets the front of her shirt but the amount that you can watch fall from her mouth to any likely target (ie, the floor). She has soaked one shirt in the first 3 hours of the day, and now wears just a bib and nappy. Fortunately it is warm enough for her to do that but not too hot that i need the air con on.

Mercedes is happy despite her oral infection and seems to be almost over it. She has a little bit of nappy rash but I am keeping an eye on her for that. Hopefully it won't develop and if it does it will mean more medecine but this one will be easier for her to handle.

She has also started taking steps while holding onto things, but more to balance herself then to move along an item. Her favourite place to play is the small fishtank (90litres approx) when inside and when outside it doesn't matter what it is as long as it has water in it. Yes I do watch her carefully.

'At the park'

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


School's In!

All I can say is - School has started and it is real interesting trying to juggle Jade's work (her first year), Miranda's work, Erin boredom while keeping an eye on the bubs and attempting housework.
It has only been three days so I am not too hard on myself as I still need to get into routine.

On a side note : Bubs has oral _thrush. She is on nilstat oral drops but I am considering boosting this with some natural products. Anyone have any hints and tips that I might find handy?

Time to go, Erin just whacked Jade hard with a stick, in the face.

Monday, January 17, 2005



Check out this site to see only some of the actual damage done by the tsunami. It has both before and after pictures. Looking at it I can't help but think that we are lucky only 150,000 (approx) were killed by it. The news coverage here made it look as if it covered less ground then it did, or so it seemd to me.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Erin's 1st Post

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Leftovers & Paint

We finished the last of the lamb roast tonight for dinner and made it into some yummy lamb wraps. We topped that off with a milo milkshake. It was yum!
Also today I started work on transforming a bookcase from it's plain white self. I do not know how I will finsh it yet but at the moment the shelves and backboard of the case are a nice tangerine orange colour which is framed with white outsides. It looks pretty cool at the moment. I will need to get a protective coat onto it though, especially if I want it to look good and keep the paint on it.
This kids and I also did a trip on the train to visit hubby at his 30 hr lan. We won't be doing that again anytime soon. I do not mind the walking or catching the train, but the fact we spent more time in travelling then we actually did at the place and then hubby was busy and the play date we went there for never really eventuated, I do not think it was worth it. I am sure the kids will sleep well tonight anyhows. I think we spent about 45 minutes there, if that and we were shoved.....I mean, decided to head off home.
Thats about it in a mixed up kinda way.
How was your day?

Friday, January 14, 2005


Triple Choc Fiction

She sat there, before the TV but never really saw it. She was watching something else, something that sat between her trembling hands. No one else was around, they were busy elsewhere. She felt a small trickle of saliva leave her barely parted lips as she stared at it. She had to have it, this was torture, her body was screaming out for it, one more sugar hit.
The biscuits were chocolate, and between them lay a rich velvety smooth layer of chocolate icing. Finally it was covered in the smoothest dark chocolate she had ever remembered tasting. It was decadence.
Slowly she lifted the triple choc biscuit up to her lips, tounge flicking out to lick up the small trickle of saliva on her lips. Oh my, she felt alive as the decadent biscuit passed her lips, melting within the warm confines of her mouth. her eyes shut as her body shivered in delight, the world around her stopping as if nothing else mattered.
When she opened her eyes, she looked to her hands, confused, not know where they had gone. She now held an empty packet, a few crumbs resting upon her ample bosom and stomach. What had she done? Did she really eat all of those biscuits? Surely she couldn't have. She only remembered the first bite but. oh no, her stomach began to gurgle and her head became dizzy.
She knew it had been her, all of them, gone quickly with only the taste of the first bite lingering in her mouth.
This was no the way, this was not how her life should be. She had to put a stop to it.

Thursday, January 13, 2005



Okay. I have been working on some new pages for a while now (a little bit here and there). I used Mozilla Firefox to view the pages and they turned out fine. Then I used Internet Explorer to check them out and guess what! None of the pictures on any of the sites loaded. Argh!
If you use Mozilla you can look at the pretty pictures but if you do not then you will have to wait until this girl works out (by pure chance) how to fix it.
The pages are
Cindy Maulkner
JAM Creativity
Dinner Time



It starts young, when they are innocent and still learning. You think it is funny when they shake their head, eyes rolling, laughing. They get a little older and utter the word 'no'. At first it is cute then they grasp the true meaning of it and before you know it, they know it.
Why did I write this?
I was laughing with bubs today as she was shaking her head (copying mummy) then the thought came to me as to where it could lead.
Merc is great, a funny girl who smiles when she wakes up in the morning, yells 'ad ad ad' loudly and is starting to let go of things, managing to stand up for a few seconds at a time (when she is distracted). She will be 1 in less then a month also.
My last baby is growing up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Working It Out!

Slowly I am figuring out what is what and then forgetting which is what and what is which, or something like that.
The site I am doing this that and what on is my food blog - Dinner Time
I think I need a new name but trying to work without inspirational thoughts and bad fashion sense makes it difficult.
At least I can say 'it is all my very own!'

Monday, January 10, 2005


Friend Update

Our friend is getting better and the hospital has allowed her husband to stay in there with her. This has been good for them all as he then can help take care of the baby since she has only just managed to get out of bed today for the first time in almost a week. She is recovering from the surgery well and looks to be coming home shortly (not sure how long it is though)
You can't help but imagine that this situation could have been worse had they remained in Ukraine. I am glad they came over here, it also gave us a chance to see our friends again.


Is It Alright?

Is it alright that I am happy? That the next door neighbour will be going to childcare tomorrow?
We have had almost 4 weeks of holidays and majority of those days we have had (for half a day to the full day) the next door neighbour over. She is 8, Miranda is 8, they play together.
We went out this morning, and got home at 12.30 (lunch time) and who was waiting at our door? The next door neighbour.
I have caught her lying to Miranda, she doesn't listen to me when I say it is ok for Merc to play where she is. She does however, encourage Erin to stay dressed, keep the kids amused for hours on end (till they all start clashing and tears start flowing).
I am still happy that childcare is happening tomorrow...and when we start back at school (earlier then she starts) she won't be able to come over and play.
Woooohooooo, Yippee!
Then I shall have my 4, not 4 plus 1.
Ok, enough ranting, time to be good and make a yummy lunch with my freshly baked soy and linseed bun.

Friday, January 07, 2005


This and That

The baby is naked, the older three are running around being silly and getting on each others nerves, and Erin (the toddler) is playing happily by herself behind me.
The extra one is the next door neighbour and today I found out she was frightened and sickened by the site of a lil' green tree frog. Miranda found the frog on the shed roof, after having climbed up there via the lychee tree.
All of my kids wanted to hold it and play with it but it was released before they could play with it too much.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Friend Update

I rang up our friend's inlaws today to see how things were going. Her baby girl is healthy and weighing in at 3160 grams (6.96lbs) named Elizabeth Rose. The mother however, didn't know until this morning that she had a baby girl yesterday at lunch time. She had to have a hysterectomy due to a hemorrhage caused by the type of birth that it was (placenta preview of the worst kind). I will hopefully find out more tomorrow. Hopefully they have managed to stop the bleeding and she will be well soon. I don't think they will be going back to Ukraine just yet.


Belated DeLurking

Yep I am slack, well, not really since I only really found out about the delurking bit last night, just before I was about to head to bed. I haven't delurked myself mainly since I am only reading blogs when I am feeding the bubs and therefore find it a little more difficult to post a comment efficiently without having the keyboard or mouse kicked.
Yep I am a big bad lurker, not commenting where I should be or want to. I enjoy more blogs then I have on my side bar but I am waiting to get my arse into gear and redesign my site before I put any more up.
The redesigning of my site is slow going as I am undertaking a few new ones at the same time, but they are going to be just simple designs.
Enough rambling, I am going to take advantage of my free time to work on my sites. Sorry no comments from this lurker today.
1.5weeks till school goes back (for this household at least) and my work load triples.
Have a good one all you lurkers and non-lurkers out there.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Dirty Dishes

Our dishwasher has decided that water is best on the floor and not inside of it. The seal has gone so I am stuck with doing the dishes by hand. It has been 1 year 3 months since I last washed dishes by hand. It is not something I enjoy, standing at the sink, staring at nothing apart from bubbles, hot water and a blank patio. I think tomorrow I shall get onto the real estate (hope they can fix it) and inform them of that problem and a few others.

In other news, our friends from Ukraine had their baby today. They had a healthy little girl and at the moment those are all the details I know about the baby. The mother is in the ICU because they had to do a hysterectomy due the type of placenta previa it was. We will find out more details later once her husband has had a chance to talk to the doctors.


Busy Times

Life is busy lately and I have been slack about updating this blog here.
I don't have much to say right now except that I have to get back to it and write up a list for the real estate of the things that need fixing here.
Have a great day.

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