Thursday, January 06, 2005


Belated DeLurking

Yep I am slack, well, not really since I only really found out about the delurking bit last night, just before I was about to head to bed. I haven't delurked myself mainly since I am only reading blogs when I am feeding the bubs and therefore find it a little more difficult to post a comment efficiently without having the keyboard or mouse kicked.
Yep I am a big bad lurker, not commenting where I should be or want to. I enjoy more blogs then I have on my side bar but I am waiting to get my arse into gear and redesign my site before I put any more up.
The redesigning of my site is slow going as I am undertaking a few new ones at the same time, but they are going to be just simple designs.
Enough rambling, I am going to take advantage of my free time to work on my sites. Sorry no comments from this lurker today.
1.5weeks till school goes back (for this household at least) and my work load triples.
Have a good one all you lurkers and non-lurkers out there.

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