Monday, January 31, 2005


Chairs, Steps & Hairbrushes

Bubs is growing up and today it was obvious once more.
  • While changing a nappy I gave her a hairbrush to play with (to keep her in one spot) and she started to brush her hair with it.
  • The kids have some smaller kid sized fold out chairs and now bubs can climb up into them, though she can't get out just yet.
  • She has taken a few steps while holding onto a chair and pushing it around. I think it is time to find her a walky toy.
  • Bubs eats almost all foods that we do now. She is surely growing up.
  • She turns 1 in 9 days time.
  • She also chases the broom around while I sweep. She isn't interested in the dirt but in chasing the broom (and she isn't interested in catching it)
  • The best way to entertain bubs is with a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the baby bath, so she can splash around. This is best done during dishes time.

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