Monday, January 10, 2005


Is It Alright?

Is it alright that I am happy? That the next door neighbour will be going to childcare tomorrow?
We have had almost 4 weeks of holidays and majority of those days we have had (for half a day to the full day) the next door neighbour over. She is 8, Miranda is 8, they play together.
We went out this morning, and got home at 12.30 (lunch time) and who was waiting at our door? The next door neighbour.
I have caught her lying to Miranda, she doesn't listen to me when I say it is ok for Merc to play where she is. She does however, encourage Erin to stay dressed, keep the kids amused for hours on end (till they all start clashing and tears start flowing).
I am still happy that childcare is happening tomorrow...and when we start back at school (earlier then she starts) she won't be able to come over and play.
Woooohooooo, Yippee!
Then I shall have my 4, not 4 plus 1.
Ok, enough ranting, time to be good and make a yummy lunch with my freshly baked soy and linseed bun.

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