Saturday, January 15, 2005


Leftovers & Paint

We finished the last of the lamb roast tonight for dinner and made it into some yummy lamb wraps. We topped that off with a milo milkshake. It was yum!
Also today I started work on transforming a bookcase from it's plain white self. I do not know how I will finsh it yet but at the moment the shelves and backboard of the case are a nice tangerine orange colour which is framed with white outsides. It looks pretty cool at the moment. I will need to get a protective coat onto it though, especially if I want it to look good and keep the paint on it.
This kids and I also did a trip on the train to visit hubby at his 30 hr lan. We won't be doing that again anytime soon. I do not mind the walking or catching the train, but the fact we spent more time in travelling then we actually did at the place and then hubby was busy and the play date we went there for never really eventuated, I do not think it was worth it. I am sure the kids will sleep well tonight anyhows. I think we spent about 45 minutes there, if that and we were shoved.....I mean, decided to head off home.
Thats about it in a mixed up kinda way.
How was your day?

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