Sunday, January 23, 2005


My 2 Cents At 3.20am

What's the big deal with this sponge bob thing. I just watched the movie (can't remember the link sorry but you can get there via Kristyk) I saw absolutely no sexual reference, nor heard any. I saw about 2 seconds, maybe 4 seconds, of sponge bob in the whole video and the only thing remotely gay was the 1 second I saw him wearing a pink/light orange bathrobe. I could be mistaken on the colour though. I also don't know why they would be showing it in school anyway, it isn't remotely educational and I don't think it will be remembered by many kids whom do see it. The only thing I can remember from it is a few fleeting images from shows I have watched before and 'The Count' from sesame street, counting.
I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and now I am dragging myself back to bed so mine can be fresh in the morning.

Note : Found it. Go about halfway down the page and launch the video.

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