Friday, January 14, 2005


Triple Choc Fiction

She sat there, before the TV but never really saw it. She was watching something else, something that sat between her trembling hands. No one else was around, they were busy elsewhere. She felt a small trickle of saliva leave her barely parted lips as she stared at it. She had to have it, this was torture, her body was screaming out for it, one more sugar hit.
The biscuits were chocolate, and between them lay a rich velvety smooth layer of chocolate icing. Finally it was covered in the smoothest dark chocolate she had ever remembered tasting. It was decadence.
Slowly she lifted the triple choc biscuit up to her lips, tounge flicking out to lick up the small trickle of saliva on her lips. Oh my, she felt alive as the decadent biscuit passed her lips, melting within the warm confines of her mouth. her eyes shut as her body shivered in delight, the world around her stopping as if nothing else mattered.
When she opened her eyes, she looked to her hands, confused, not know where they had gone. She now held an empty packet, a few crumbs resting upon her ample bosom and stomach. What had she done? Did she really eat all of those biscuits? Surely she couldn't have. She only remembered the first bite but. oh no, her stomach began to gurgle and her head became dizzy.
She knew it had been her, all of them, gone quickly with only the taste of the first bite lingering in her mouth.
This was no the way, this was not how her life should be. She had to put a stop to it.

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