Saturday, January 29, 2005


Vibrating Toilet

Those are the words that first came to mind while I was sitting behind hubby on the back of his black beast, and trying to work out a way to describe it.
Hubby and I went on a date night tonight. It was only the third time I had left my baby for longer then 1 hour.
The night stared off with kids eating dinner while Sara, our babysitter, turned up. They were all quite happy for us to go as a animal show was on tv (about killer whales) and said their goodbyes without a tear. I suited up, jeans, jacket, gloves, shoes and helmet.
Did you know that I have two pockets inside my jacket? No, nor did I till tonight.
While I went and bought tickets and popcorn hubby got his dinner (I ate before we left), then I sat around waiting for him to turn up. We went and saw 'Elektra'. It was great even if the red outfit wasn't quite right on Jennifer Garner.
After that it was off to Gloria Jean's for an iced non-alcholic pina colada. Then we took the black beast home. Hubby is taking the babysitter home right now while I get the kids to bed.

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