Sunday, February 27, 2005




Swimming With The Fishies

Today was a big day, we were out for 10 hours.
Lunch was had at a mediteranian (?) restuarant followed by a drive to my sisters place. She had taken the two elder girls for the night, and as aunties do, she spoiled them.
It was a short stop there before we headed to the Gold Coast to pick up some hardware.
While waiting on the hardware we decided to stop off at a closed in 'beach/lagoon'. It is really nice there and is quite safe to swim in. It drops off to about 18feet about 10 metres in. It comes off a salt water channel and has a grill which regulates what animals can live in there. From what I have heard there is a couple of barracuda in there. We did not see those today, but we did see heaps of smaller fish (bream I think) and they were swimming around the kids and sticking quite close to the shore. It was pretty cool to watch them and watch the kids try to catch them.
They all had fun.
After the swim it was off to pick up the hardware and back home via a nice Thai restuarant.


A big thanks goes out to the hubby as he did the dishes for me last night.

Friday, February 25, 2005




Let's Talk About Friends!

Jadeen and I were mock teasing Miranda about having a boyfriend (which she doesn't), all in good fun of course, when Erin pipes up.
Erin (3) : I have a girlfriend at basketball!
It was funny at the time.

Thursday, February 24, 2005



Tonight we had episode 3 (i think) which properly introduced Mr Locke. I thought he was creepy up until now. I like him, he has 'balls' metaphorically speaking, and is one of the few people worth keeping alive.
Oh, and why is there a guy mysteriously showing up, and wy is he wearing white shoes with a dark coloured suit?


And Mieke, I was surfing the TV the other night and came across Medium. Though I did not watch more then a few minutes because it was ending. It looks like we do have it here.


3 Fat Chicks


The Things You See

The other day I saw a motorised wheelchair going through the drive thru of McD's.


Baby Signing

I have started teaching Mercedes baby signing (what I have been able to find on the internet) and what we (her & me) have made up together.
For milk (she wants a feed), we use a nodding head. She already new how to do this so she picked it up quickly.
I am also teaching her to 'rub' her eyes if she is sleepy/tired.
Up until now she has been pretty easy to read when she needs/wants something. Her cries/complaints/babbles are different for the different things she wants to happen. The only real time it has been frustrating has been when she was teething, and I didn't quite know it. I suspected it was the case but wasn't 100% sure.

Here are a few sites I found helpful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005



The death toll rose into the hundreds, possibly thousands. Who or what had done this?
The devastation was wide spread and seemed concentrated to the main roadway. Bodies lay where they had fallen. The true measure of this disaster would not be seen till the next morning when more bodies lay along the pathway and further afield.

Last night, early evening, I discovered a trail of ants in our ensuite. It was a very busy trail. I pulled out the 'crawly cruncher' and sprayed those little black bodies from one end of the line to the other end of the line. I thought that would be a nice clean kill.
2 hours later and there were a few ants wandering around, not at all close to the line which were looking rather sad, sick or close to dying, and also quite a few dead ones. That wasn't too bad, so I cleaned up the mess and went to bed.
Next morning, there were more ants, all dead. They were in the shower (covered the base of it), across the floor and on the bench. There was even a dead cockaroach. I haven't seen a live ant in that bathroom all day but I do know this, that 'crawly cruncher' sure works good!

Sunday, February 20, 2005




Miscellaneous Rambling

  • Mercedes can stand unaided, for a few seconds. She is gaining more control each time she tries.
  • While at the lake this arvo, hubby took Miranda riding on the peewee 50 while the other 3 girls and I went fishing for wild guppies. While at the lake, both Erin & Mercedes fell in the water. Mercedes fell in 2 minutes after we were there (she didn't go completely in but lost her crawling grip asshe was investigating the water's edge).
  • During Miranda's bike ride she came across some people tending their horse and was given a ride bare back. The horse was worth $20k.
  • We did catch a lot of guppiesat the lake but somehow Erin managed to put most of them back without us noticing.
  • There were also some rather large fish jumping.
  • Jade almost had a rainbow lorikeet fly into her.
  • Hubby is overworked yet still taking on more work.
  • Everyone but me has a cold. I keep telling myself that I won't get it. I am not allowed to get it.
  • I haven't had the urge to blog lately even though I constantly find things I would like to blog about.
  • I really need to get off my arse and update Cindy Maulkner because there is only so long people will wait to find out if she is having a baby squid or not.
  • Mercedes will be walking before we go to NZ
  • I put two suitcases on lay-by. One pink and one 'lilac'. They are not for hubby to use.
  • Arguments are already happening between siblings for the upcoming family 'reunion'.
  • Arguements (discussions) are over whether we should stay at one camp or two, if we should do touristy stuff together or spend the whole time at the camp site. Food hasn't been an issue yet but I think we will have to make sure we have substitutes incase menus aren't quite 'edible'. (Hubby's brother has offered raw pig fat, in jest, I hope)
  • Jadeen is having her birthday party, 3 months late, in 3 weeks time. Her birthday is the day after Christmas.
  • I am still working these kids out and their needs and what it means for them to feel loved.
  • Jadeen isn't big on cuddles and things so I will try talking with her, and doing things together.
  • Miranda wants quality time and was eager to accept mummy watching her at horse riding, and to do some cooking together. We are going to try and do something (like cooking a meal, special dish) together, once a week. My schooling routine will also be challenged to include more time with Miranda to help her where she needs it. Maybe a daily spelling bee.
  • Erin loves lots of cuddles and being able to sit on mummy's knee. When she gets enough of that she is happy to play elsewhere. Hopefully it will cure her of her restless nights, but that could be because of her current cold and failure to eat much.
  • Mercedes is happy and if she didn't have a runny nose you wouldn't think she was sick.
  • Hubby is happy too, apart from the stress.
  • Me, I am tired but happy.
  • Hubby wrote the real estate a nice email about how our maintenance problems have gone unresolved (been over a month since we asked them to fix the dishwasher)
  • If the dishwasher was working then I would be saving at least 1 hour a day when I could be doing other things.
  • Jadeen has taken over the taking of clothes off the line, now if only she would fold them and keep her room tidy.
  • I, searously, have too many catalogues (magazine size or bigger) sent from an office supplies company. Sometimes it feels like I get a book every 2 weeks.
  • It is time to say goodnight to the girls, and then update Cindy and get to bed myself.
  • Goodnight

Friday, February 18, 2005


Crafty Stuff Updated

Cheap & Easy Scrapbooking
When I get around to finishing what I am doing I shall attempt to scan in and show some simple designs, easy enough for a child to do.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Dinner Time Updated



Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Quote of the Day

"Dieting is like driving with your foot on the brake. Sooner or later, the tyres wear down and we skid out of control. If diets were faulty cars, we would be suing the manufacturer. Instead, we let them blame us."
DR (client) quoted in Dr Rick Kausman book If not dieting, then what?


Valentines & Stuff

Valentines this year was a pretty ordinary day. Hubby and I agreed not to do anything special this year as it was coming up too quick and we had very full plates.
I did however, make a special meal the night before and made him stop at the country markets for a german sausage and he ended up buying some relishes to bring back home.
While at the markets we saw this up a tree.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


All Parked Out

Boy I am tired and I haven't done a lot these past two days, even though hubby has been overseas. (He is in NZ for a family reunion and gets back home tomorrow)
Mercedes has achieved a couple of milestones these past two days.
  • pushing herself up to a standing position with nothing to hold onto (pushing up from the ground)
  • I think she is teething again
  • She was saying 'yuck' and dropping the lettuce only, off her highchair tray
  • She has gone to one day time sleep
  • she was spoilt for her birthday
  • she learnt that caramel fudge is good eating
This arvo we headed to the park, fed the ducks, ate bark and walked a bit while a guy in a boat waved to us. Afterwards it was off to HJ's for dinner where we managed to regrubby the chairs with foot prints, shower the floor with chips, spilt drink, burger bun and a few chewed up napkins. While at HJ's we met my mum and sis, chatted and then headed home for baths. I had to change them from brown kiddies to pink kiddies.
Then it was fudge time. The caramel turned out great, the other one is not so great but that could be because of the cherry jelly I added. Next time I shall try it without the jelly.
Now it is time to send little one's to bed, tidy up, charge the phone and go to bed myself. Hubby gets home tomorrow morning, early!


Dinner Time Updated



I went to check out a scrapbooking shop today and couldn't beleive the prices. There was a small (A5 size) pad of paper and it cost $11. There were single sheet of stickers for $8. I can't justify spending that much money to start scrapbooking. It would be nice but I think we will have to stick to photo albums or possibly sticking photos to cardboard to make them look nice.
While we were browsing, there was one woman who was carrying a box (about half her size) full of scrapbooking supplies.
This is a serious hobby despite the huge costs involved. It is obvious of it's popularity because there are scrapbooking shops popping up everywhere.
Well, I think I shall just stick to what I know, and at the moment that is getting the kids to clean out the car and make fudge (recipe to come soon should it work).

Friday, February 11, 2005


What Tha`

Why is there a polar bear on a deserted tropical island in the TV series 'Lost'?
I just watched episode 2 last night and well, the polar bear thing struck me as rather odd.
I won't go into details as I am sure they will bore, but if anyone can tell me why there was a polar bear on the island and how did a message play for 16 years straight with no battery changes? Did they have solar power back then? or was there a battery from a plane that could last that long being continually run?

Thursday, February 10, 2005



I thought I would answer Phillip's question in here.
We (myself, hubby and kids) all take the trans tasman flight mid April for 10 days. It is for a family reunion of sorts. I am a bit unsure of the weather that time of year, so I have been hunting for and buying/lay-bying winter clothes for the trip. April here is still t-shirt and shorts weather as it doesn't really get cold until July/August. I think we only get 2 weeks of really cold weather here in Queensland. (it is even less further north in QLD. I don't think they actually get a winter)
I know it doesn't get really cold here as last winter Jade and Erin were running around outside in their underwear playing with water. Admittedly there was goosebumps but it wasn't too cold.
So, come April, I will be writing lists for the house/computer/pet sitter, hoping I have packed enough clothes, that it isn't as wet as when I went there last time, they have the correct power points so i can charge the camera batteries, my plants that are alive don't die, that I have all the necessary passports in order, Merc is good for the 3 hour plane flight (along with her 3 other sisters), we don't annoy too many people on the plane, etc etc.
I am sure it will all go fine!


The Good & The Bad

You get the friendly types then you get the types which have had a bad day so they are grumpy. I am talking about the police.
On the way home from basketball this arvo, in the rain, we came across an accident (the tow truck was already there) but the police weren't there yet. A thoughtful person was out there directing the traffic as the 2 lane road had been cut down to one lane due to the tow truck and no where to actually get off the road.
The police turn up, when it is almost all over and grumpy gets out of the car and orders the helpful person off the road. Admittedly it was for their own safety but it could have been done a lot nicer then it was, and the police could have tried to get there earlier.
I don't know all that happened and it isn't my place to judge either but i do know that the accident was on a bad corner, in the wet and only one car was involved.



I just finished playing 'Sacred', now what do I do?
I know!
I shall play 'The Incredibles'. Now all I have to do is master the controls of the game. It shouldn't be too hard, afterall it was made to be simple enough for 8 year olds to play! Apart from the fact that I haven't been able to get passed 'Bomb Voyage' with 'Elastagirl' I am sure it will be a peice of cake.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Lucky Girl!

Mercedes had a great day today, playing with all of her new toys. Apart from the fact that her older sisters kept playing with or taking away from her, her new toys, she still had a good time and it was a struggle to get her to take a nap at lunch time.
Tonight we gave her a birthday dinner and my mum and sister came over to help celebrate and bestow more gifts upon her. She received this and some clothes. She also got a phonecall from her New Zealand Grandparents and some books and a bib from them.

Lets hope her sisters stop playing with her toys long enough for her to enjoy them before bed.


Happy 1st Birthday Mercedes

For those who are interested, here is her birth story.

This is how tiny she used to be.

Monday, February 07, 2005




Surreal (fiction)

She sat at the dining room table, trying to grasp all that was going on around her. Her husband had just been killed in a car crash, and today they had had the funeral. She was alone, just herself and her young children. Looking up and around at the house she had called home for the past 5 years, she wondered where life would take her now, what she would do for income and how would the children react.
It was at this moment that she realised that life would go on and she could not stop living just because her mate had.
Later that night at dinner, they all sat around the table, eating quietly, lost in their thoughts. She often wondered what they thought about, and more so on a night like tonight. She turned her gaze to her hands and wondered, for a moment, if they actually were a part of her, as it felt like she was looking into another's world. Her gaze turned to those around the table and she quietly observed them. She felt apart from them, not in their world, distant. There was no room for sadness, grief nor happiness in her mind, as surreal thoughts swirled through.
Was she part of this world?
Why did she not feel the pain?
Is this all real, or is it a dream which I will wake up from shortly?
She felt so distant from them.
She snapped back to reality, as someone asked her a question.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Shopped Out

The kids and I went shopping today.
First we took Miranda to horse riding and while she did that, the kids and I played at McD's.
After the riding lesson we headed off to look through second hand clothes shops for bargains.
We are headed to NZ in a few months time and being from the tropics, our winter/cooler months, just don't measure up to the cold of NZ, so I was hunting for cheap one wear bargains.
At the first stop I picked up a pair of ug boots and gloves for Erin.
Second stop I found a rain jacket for Miranda. It was originally marked for $4 but was then reduced at the checkout, to $1, due to a few tiny holes around the base of it.
Third stop was at a 'trendy' second hand clothes shop which we purchased a jacket for Erin and one for Miranda. Miranda's has fake fur trim around the collar and sleeves, it is very nice.
After that it was time to hit the mall. Take off a lay-by, put on another lay-by (with other odds and ends for a good winter outfit), buy another birthday present for Merc (which the girls can all share to give to her) then off home with a lighter wallet and actually something to show for it.
For Merc's birthday, we have gotten her some Peek-a-boo blocks, and a push car. She should enjoy them, especially since Erin is enjoying them at the moment.
Well enough from me, time to tidy up before it is time to get dinner ready.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Home Schooling

I am writing this after having read Angie's post on home schooling.
I too home school my girls, though at the moment I am only teaching 2 of them as the other two are too young.
I use the ACE program which I purchase through ACA (Australian Christian Academy).
Why do we homeschool?
Well, for a lot of reasons. I have heard too many stories about classrooms being over crowded and understaffed. (news articles, from teachers themselves) The individual child doesn't always get the attention they need if they are a slow worker or a fast worker. My girls' school work is self paced.
There are other reasons too, which I will not get into now.
With our curriculum we start with booklet 1001 and work our way up from that. We are provided with training so that we can adequately supervise our children, and also there is a support team just a phonecall away if we need it during business hours. For each booklet completed there is a test at the end of it , which we then post into the head office so that they can keep track of the work.
It would be so easy to cheat and fudge the results but then the only person you are really cheating is yourself and the child whose work it is. It is better to just do the work properly the first time.
What about peers?
My girls get plenty of interaction with their peers. They are involved in sports, go along to home schooling events, Sunday school and various other places that we choose to visit.
I get satisfaction from knowing that my girls are learning their lessons and they are learning them well and at their own pace and not being left behind or having to wait for others to catch up. I can see what they are doing and also get involved in it. I can see their progress by the charts we use to mark it.
There are many benefits to homeschooling just as there are many benefits to other types of schooling. This is just what is best for us.
It is hard but also easy. It is even harder when I have to juggle working with it also.

That is my two cents for today.

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