Saturday, February 12, 2005


All Parked Out

Boy I am tired and I haven't done a lot these past two days, even though hubby has been overseas. (He is in NZ for a family reunion and gets back home tomorrow)
Mercedes has achieved a couple of milestones these past two days.
  • pushing herself up to a standing position with nothing to hold onto (pushing up from the ground)
  • I think she is teething again
  • She was saying 'yuck' and dropping the lettuce only, off her highchair tray
  • She has gone to one day time sleep
  • she was spoilt for her birthday
  • she learnt that caramel fudge is good eating
This arvo we headed to the park, fed the ducks, ate bark and walked a bit while a guy in a boat waved to us. Afterwards it was off to HJ's for dinner where we managed to regrubby the chairs with foot prints, shower the floor with chips, spilt drink, burger bun and a few chewed up napkins. While at HJ's we met my mum and sis, chatted and then headed home for baths. I had to change them from brown kiddies to pink kiddies.
Then it was fudge time. The caramel turned out great, the other one is not so great but that could be because of the cherry jelly I added. Next time I shall try it without the jelly.
Now it is time to send little one's to bed, tidy up, charge the phone and go to bed myself. Hubby gets home tomorrow morning, early!

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