Tuesday, February 22, 2005



The death toll rose into the hundreds, possibly thousands. Who or what had done this?
The devastation was wide spread and seemed concentrated to the main roadway. Bodies lay where they had fallen. The true measure of this disaster would not be seen till the next morning when more bodies lay along the pathway and further afield.

Last night, early evening, I discovered a trail of ants in our ensuite. It was a very busy trail. I pulled out the 'crawly cruncher' and sprayed those little black bodies from one end of the line to the other end of the line. I thought that would be a nice clean kill.
2 hours later and there were a few ants wandering around, not at all close to the line which were looking rather sad, sick or close to dying, and also quite a few dead ones. That wasn't too bad, so I cleaned up the mess and went to bed.
Next morning, there were more ants, all dead. They were in the shower (covered the base of it), across the floor and on the bench. There was even a dead cockaroach. I haven't seen a live ant in that bathroom all day but I do know this, that 'crawly cruncher' sure works good!

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