Thursday, February 10, 2005


The Good & The Bad

You get the friendly types then you get the types which have had a bad day so they are grumpy. I am talking about the police.
On the way home from basketball this arvo, in the rain, we came across an accident (the tow truck was already there) but the police weren't there yet. A thoughtful person was out there directing the traffic as the 2 lane road had been cut down to one lane due to the tow truck and no where to actually get off the road.
The police turn up, when it is almost all over and grumpy gets out of the car and orders the helpful person off the road. Admittedly it was for their own safety but it could have been done a lot nicer then it was, and the police could have tried to get there earlier.
I don't know all that happened and it isn't my place to judge either but i do know that the accident was on a bad corner, in the wet and only one car was involved.

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