Thursday, February 03, 2005


Home Schooling

I am writing this after having read Angie's post on home schooling.
I too home school my girls, though at the moment I am only teaching 2 of them as the other two are too young.
I use the ACE program which I purchase through ACA (Australian Christian Academy).
Why do we homeschool?
Well, for a lot of reasons. I have heard too many stories about classrooms being over crowded and understaffed. (news articles, from teachers themselves) The individual child doesn't always get the attention they need if they are a slow worker or a fast worker. My girls' school work is self paced.
There are other reasons too, which I will not get into now.
With our curriculum we start with booklet 1001 and work our way up from that. We are provided with training so that we can adequately supervise our children, and also there is a support team just a phonecall away if we need it during business hours. For each booklet completed there is a test at the end of it , which we then post into the head office so that they can keep track of the work.
It would be so easy to cheat and fudge the results but then the only person you are really cheating is yourself and the child whose work it is. It is better to just do the work properly the first time.
What about peers?
My girls get plenty of interaction with their peers. They are involved in sports, go along to home schooling events, Sunday school and various other places that we choose to visit.
I get satisfaction from knowing that my girls are learning their lessons and they are learning them well and at their own pace and not being left behind or having to wait for others to catch up. I can see what they are doing and also get involved in it. I can see their progress by the charts we use to mark it.
There are many benefits to homeschooling just as there are many benefits to other types of schooling. This is just what is best for us.
It is hard but also easy. It is even harder when I have to juggle working with it also.

That is my two cents for today.

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