Sunday, February 20, 2005


Miscellaneous Rambling

  • Mercedes can stand unaided, for a few seconds. She is gaining more control each time she tries.
  • While at the lake this arvo, hubby took Miranda riding on the peewee 50 while the other 3 girls and I went fishing for wild guppies. While at the lake, both Erin & Mercedes fell in the water. Mercedes fell in 2 minutes after we were there (she didn't go completely in but lost her crawling grip asshe was investigating the water's edge).
  • During Miranda's bike ride she came across some people tending their horse and was given a ride bare back. The horse was worth $20k.
  • We did catch a lot of guppiesat the lake but somehow Erin managed to put most of them back without us noticing.
  • There were also some rather large fish jumping.
  • Jade almost had a rainbow lorikeet fly into her.
  • Hubby is overworked yet still taking on more work.
  • Everyone but me has a cold. I keep telling myself that I won't get it. I am not allowed to get it.
  • I haven't had the urge to blog lately even though I constantly find things I would like to blog about.
  • I really need to get off my arse and update Cindy Maulkner because there is only so long people will wait to find out if she is having a baby squid or not.
  • Mercedes will be walking before we go to NZ
  • I put two suitcases on lay-by. One pink and one 'lilac'. They are not for hubby to use.
  • Arguments are already happening between siblings for the upcoming family 'reunion'.
  • Arguements (discussions) are over whether we should stay at one camp or two, if we should do touristy stuff together or spend the whole time at the camp site. Food hasn't been an issue yet but I think we will have to make sure we have substitutes incase menus aren't quite 'edible'. (Hubby's brother has offered raw pig fat, in jest, I hope)
  • Jadeen is having her birthday party, 3 months late, in 3 weeks time. Her birthday is the day after Christmas.
  • I am still working these kids out and their needs and what it means for them to feel loved.
  • Jadeen isn't big on cuddles and things so I will try talking with her, and doing things together.
  • Miranda wants quality time and was eager to accept mummy watching her at horse riding, and to do some cooking together. We are going to try and do something (like cooking a meal, special dish) together, once a week. My schooling routine will also be challenged to include more time with Miranda to help her where she needs it. Maybe a daily spelling bee.
  • Erin loves lots of cuddles and being able to sit on mummy's knee. When she gets enough of that she is happy to play elsewhere. Hopefully it will cure her of her restless nights, but that could be because of her current cold and failure to eat much.
  • Mercedes is happy and if she didn't have a runny nose you wouldn't think she was sick.
  • Hubby is happy too, apart from the stress.
  • Me, I am tired but happy.
  • Hubby wrote the real estate a nice email about how our maintenance problems have gone unresolved (been over a month since we asked them to fix the dishwasher)
  • If the dishwasher was working then I would be saving at least 1 hour a day when I could be doing other things.
  • Jadeen has taken over the taking of clothes off the line, now if only she would fold them and keep her room tidy.
  • I, searously, have too many catalogues (magazine size or bigger) sent from an office supplies company. Sometimes it feels like I get a book every 2 weeks.
  • It is time to say goodnight to the girls, and then update Cindy and get to bed myself.
  • Goodnight

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