Thursday, February 10, 2005



I thought I would answer Phillip's question in here.
We (myself, hubby and kids) all take the trans tasman flight mid April for 10 days. It is for a family reunion of sorts. I am a bit unsure of the weather that time of year, so I have been hunting for and buying/lay-bying winter clothes for the trip. April here is still t-shirt and shorts weather as it doesn't really get cold until July/August. I think we only get 2 weeks of really cold weather here in Queensland. (it is even less further north in QLD. I don't think they actually get a winter)
I know it doesn't get really cold here as last winter Jade and Erin were running around outside in their underwear playing with water. Admittedly there was goosebumps but it wasn't too cold.
So, come April, I will be writing lists for the house/computer/pet sitter, hoping I have packed enough clothes, that it isn't as wet as when I went there last time, they have the correct power points so i can charge the camera batteries, my plants that are alive don't die, that I have all the necessary passports in order, Merc is good for the 3 hour plane flight (along with her 3 other sisters), we don't annoy too many people on the plane, etc etc.
I am sure it will all go fine!

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