Saturday, February 12, 2005



I went to check out a scrapbooking shop today and couldn't beleive the prices. There was a small (A5 size) pad of paper and it cost $11. There were single sheet of stickers for $8. I can't justify spending that much money to start scrapbooking. It would be nice but I think we will have to stick to photo albums or possibly sticking photos to cardboard to make them look nice.
While we were browsing, there was one woman who was carrying a box (about half her size) full of scrapbooking supplies.
This is a serious hobby despite the huge costs involved. It is obvious of it's popularity because there are scrapbooking shops popping up everywhere.
Well, I think I shall just stick to what I know, and at the moment that is getting the kids to clean out the car and make fudge (recipe to come soon should it work).

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