Saturday, February 05, 2005


Shopped Out

The kids and I went shopping today.
First we took Miranda to horse riding and while she did that, the kids and I played at McD's.
After the riding lesson we headed off to look through second hand clothes shops for bargains.
We are headed to NZ in a few months time and being from the tropics, our winter/cooler months, just don't measure up to the cold of NZ, so I was hunting for cheap one wear bargains.
At the first stop I picked up a pair of ug boots and gloves for Erin.
Second stop I found a rain jacket for Miranda. It was originally marked for $4 but was then reduced at the checkout, to $1, due to a few tiny holes around the base of it.
Third stop was at a 'trendy' second hand clothes shop which we purchased a jacket for Erin and one for Miranda. Miranda's has fake fur trim around the collar and sleeves, it is very nice.
After that it was time to hit the mall. Take off a lay-by, put on another lay-by (with other odds and ends for a good winter outfit), buy another birthday present for Merc (which the girls can all share to give to her) then off home with a lighter wallet and actually something to show for it.
For Merc's birthday, we have gotten her some Peek-a-boo blocks, and a push car. She should enjoy them, especially since Erin is enjoying them at the moment.
Well enough from me, time to tidy up before it is time to get dinner ready.

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