Monday, February 07, 2005


Surreal (fiction)

She sat at the dining room table, trying to grasp all that was going on around her. Her husband had just been killed in a car crash, and today they had had the funeral. She was alone, just herself and her young children. Looking up and around at the house she had called home for the past 5 years, she wondered where life would take her now, what she would do for income and how would the children react.
It was at this moment that she realised that life would go on and she could not stop living just because her mate had.
Later that night at dinner, they all sat around the table, eating quietly, lost in their thoughts. She often wondered what they thought about, and more so on a night like tonight. She turned her gaze to her hands and wondered, for a moment, if they actually were a part of her, as it felt like she was looking into another's world. Her gaze turned to those around the table and she quietly observed them. She felt apart from them, not in their world, distant. There was no room for sadness, grief nor happiness in her mind, as surreal thoughts swirled through.
Was she part of this world?
Why did she not feel the pain?
Is this all real, or is it a dream which I will wake up from shortly?
She felt so distant from them.
She snapped back to reality, as someone asked her a question.

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