Sunday, February 27, 2005


Swimming With The Fishies

Today was a big day, we were out for 10 hours.
Lunch was had at a mediteranian (?) restuarant followed by a drive to my sisters place. She had taken the two elder girls for the night, and as aunties do, she spoiled them.
It was a short stop there before we headed to the Gold Coast to pick up some hardware.
While waiting on the hardware we decided to stop off at a closed in 'beach/lagoon'. It is really nice there and is quite safe to swim in. It drops off to about 18feet about 10 metres in. It comes off a salt water channel and has a grill which regulates what animals can live in there. From what I have heard there is a couple of barracuda in there. We did not see those today, but we did see heaps of smaller fish (bream I think) and they were swimming around the kids and sticking quite close to the shore. It was pretty cool to watch them and watch the kids try to catch them.
They all had fun.
After the swim it was off to pick up the hardware and back home via a nice Thai restuarant.


A big thanks goes out to the hubby as he did the dishes for me last night.

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