Thursday, March 31, 2005


Memories Of Grandma

Special cereal in the morning
Cross stitch
Cleaning for the council
Vinal covered lounge chair
Lots of ornaments
Lots of photos
Jean (not her real name)
Married for 53 years
Trips to the farm (though they were mostly with grandad)


House Hunting

If you didn't hear it from him, then you are hearing it from me. We have finished househunting and this is what we ended up with.
We move in 2 weeks so it will be a busy time up until then.
When isn't it busy though. So, now ontop of school commitments, work commitments and keeping the house I have to pack also. When we do move in though, we have 5 days in which to settle as we head to NZ 6 days after our move in date.
Let's hope the passports arrive before we move!

Monday, March 28, 2005


The Day After Yesterday

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the kids had a blast. They fished, the froliced in the sea and got sunburnt, sticky from ice cream and worn ragged.

Erin caught her first fish yesterday, even though it was only a toadfish. She was certainly excited as she was the only one to catch a fish.
I am sure all of the kids had a great day, especially the eating of chocolate eggs.
After this came today. For me it was a night filled with wakings (I did not get 2 hours straight sleep) by the baby, a thirsty toddler and others with questions. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, leaving the hubby to sleep longer (he gets to sleep straight through, the kids don't wake him up), it was off to tidy up the house because guests were coming over. Fortunately for me they were late.
The rest of the day is a bit of a blur which included casual conversation, chasing a toddler which had a box (she was going to fill it with dog water), and other...stuff.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Childhood Obesity - Whose Fault Is It?

I do not mean to pick, but when you see a 2 year old (possibly 3) that is as tall as your 3 year old but could quite easily fit three of your 3 year old inside one of her pairs of shorts, who do you actually blame?
I have heard somewhere that up till the age of 5, a child's body will tell it when to stop eating, therefore stopping the child from over-eating. I have only ever seen one other child (about 5 years of age) that was as big as this little girl. Her parents weren't overweight, her grandparents weren't over weight. Perhaps she had a medical condition which caused her to be so big. Perhaps her parents let her eat what she wanted to. I do not really know.
When a child is that young, who is responsible?
I am writing about this as it concerns me. I look at myself after having had 4 kids and I look at the teenagers (well quite a few of them) and I see similarities in sizes. I have a bit of a belly from having the kids and we all know what pregnancy does to someone.
I have nothing against those overweight, all those I know are pretty nice people.
I just want them to take better care of their health so they don't have problems later on in life.
What is your opinion?

Friday, March 25, 2005


Brain Damage

With all the blog posts going on lately about the Terry Shiavo case I thought I would add my own 2 cents worth.
I have had trouble finding much information about it (because if you do a google search you mainly find blog posts talking about it) so I haven't been able to form a proper opinion of what I think would be the right way to go. I only know what I have read on people's sites. I don't watch the news so I wouldn't have found out any information there, and I live in a totally different country so I do not think it would have made a big splash over here.
I have had my own experience with head trauma's before. 2 that I can remember.
1 was a guy who lived in Texas (i think) who was not in a vegetative state but was a quadraplegic. I used to chat to him online and once even talked to him on the phone. His name is Randy. This was about 6 - 9 years ago that I knew him. He used to have to rely totally on his family for everything but the internet gave him legs and arms again with the use of a program like dragon dictate (I think that was the name for it).

The other experience is my cousin.
He and I were great friends but had not seen each other for a long time, since we had all grown up and moved along with our lives. The last time I saw him before his accident was at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. It was good to catch up with him, even though we didn't really have much in common anymore. I was a mummy, married and pregnant with my third. He was single, jetsetting and currently working on a dairy farm.
It was about 3 months after the anniversary party that he had his accident. No one knows for sure what happened but there was speculation that he had been hit by another car, he swerved to avoid a cow on the road or that his steering was dodgy and he lost control of the car. It was also a little while before anyone found him in order to alert the ambulance. He had internal bleeding to his brain and was on the thin line which seperates life and death.
I saw him when he first came down to the major city hospital near my home. He looked just like himself except for the tubes going in and out of him, and the bruising. There was still talk about turning the machines off or not, because there was little hope of recovery as he had at least one more major bleed to the brain during his first few days in ICU.
During my visit, I went in with an uncle and we talked to him, the nurses asured us that he could hear us talk to him. I was told not to expect anything from him but I was surprised when he squeezed my hand during our talk to him. My uncle was great, he was funny and uplifting during the ordeal. It is always hard going into a place where death is more common then life.
After that i visited him every fortnight (it was not easy getting in there with a newborn, battling the city traffic, and everything else that was going on. I was also recovering from a c-section with my third)
His parents did decide to keep him on life support and he improved a little over the time he spent down there. He never really came out of his coma though. I do not think I ever saw his eyes open, even though I was told he did. He did move now and then, as if responding to touch and speech and towards the end of his stay, before being moved closer to his parents home, he would occassionally say a few things, but with not much control.
From my understanding he is still pretty much the same but is now at home with his parents. His mother being the main care giver. His parents had to sell their second house and have also sold their cattle, thus making their dairy farm redundent. I am not sure what they do for an income anymore but I think they get some type of payment from the government for looking after him. It is a full time job, something you have to be committed to. You cannot leave it a day unless you hire a nurse or put him into hospital. He will not grow out of it unless by some miracle.
I have also heard that people in this state have a shorter then expected life expectancy, mainly because their bodies just do not function as they should. They don't move around except by others physical force. All he can do is lay there, occassionally say the odd word and move his hand now and then. But he is not all gone.
When hubby was in the hospital, visiting him, he did manage to converse with him, organising some type of signals. I am not sure how the family took it as hubby and I usually visited seperately. Hubby also had a lot in common since they were both into bikes and other adrenalin type sports.

What would I want if this was me?
I wouldn't want to stay. Yes I love my family but this would be a burden on them, both expensive, tiring and time consuming. As I have read elsewhere, I would want my kids to remember me as I am now, and not as a body which you can't do anything with.
Hubby would have to give up work, and his grief would be longer lived then if I had died. He wouldn't be able to move on with life as he would have to give to me his all. I would want him to move on, as I would want the kids to have a happy life.

Right now though, hubby and I need each other, we both do what the other couldn't, without outside help. So I am not going anywhere, and he is not going anywhere. He isn't allowed to!


Captain Feathersword

Watching 'Network Wiggles' this morning (during breakfast) and I could not help but crack up laughing at Captain Feathersword. Anthony and the Captain were telling a story about a tree, using the Captain's magic buttons.
Firstly, he made a tree, then they introduced the birds! The first bird was a happy little tweeting robin, fluttering about the tree. Next though, was an eagle, screeching as it soared around the tree. I lost it at this stage so I missed the next bits and saw the ending when it started to rain and the picnicers and the tree went under shelter.

BTW Captain Feathersword has to be the best Wiggle, even though he isn't actually a Wiggle but part of the Wiggle team.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I Was Just Thinking

If you lost something and needed to find it, isn't it always in the last place you look?
So, you should always look in the last place you look because then it would be in the first place you look...
when you found it, wouldn't that be the last place you look? and not the first?
So, that means even though you looked in the last place first, it was still in the last place regardless.
So, the last place you looked in was the first place you looked in, which means it was also the last place you looked in.

In other news

Humphrey hippopotamus talked to Henry hippopotamus while driving a hippopotabus for his hippopotafriends.


Check List

Passports - done and sent in

House hunting - still continuing, we were rejcted in our last application put in, not that this is a bad thing

School work - almost there

Laundry - starting to mount up but will be in control of it after this weekend

- hopefully that will be rectified after this weekend

Writing an intelligent blog post
- Was done but then blogger malfunctioned and I lost it. Was unable to recreate it, the moment was gone

'Blond' moment
- no offense meant to natural and unnatural blonds - completed yesterday (I was wondering why it wouldn't unlock, the key was upside down!)

Easter treat production
- happening after school and after lunch, hopefully today

- before we move sometime

Date with husband - Saturday night with kids, at home cause I would rather sleep and have kids sleep

- now, so ciao

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


In No Particular Order

Mercedes Walks
Mercedes just walked about 1 metre unaided before she plopped down to the ground. She was very proud of herself.
I would say she took about 6 steps this time. She will definately be walking by the time we are in NZ.

House Hunting
We are still hunting for a house though we currently have an application on one place near my mothers house.

It was a struggle going shopping this arvo. I originally went to the shops in order to find some suppliese with which I could make some easter gifts for family.
I left having bought nothing since Erin would not stay with us. We even lost her at one stage.
We were waiting for the lift (which happens to be near the ramp downstairs) and she took off. I thought she would come back but when she didn't we headed off after her. I guess you could say it was lucky that she knew her way around this place as she didn't wander anywhere too hidden.
Where did we find her? In the toilets. It was good that she didn't wet her pants but it was bad that she went off without telling us that.
That was the easy part. The hard part was getting her to the car. She would not walk and spent half the trip there swinging/being dragged between Jade and I. She complained loudly, as toddlers do, all the way.
We hardly even got a strange look from the people we passed. We could have been kidnapping her and no one really seemed concerned.
Eventually I let Jadeen have a break and I carried her, and Merc to the car to the protests of "No Mummy, no!" and "My tummy hurts mummy, put me down"
If I did put her down then she would take off the other way or be a rock on the ground.
I decided to bypass the confectionery warehouse and make our eggs this year.
The plan is to make some fudge and cover it in chocolate. Actually that sound slike a good plan, and provided the fudge doesnt melt the chocolate moulds we should do ok.

I feel as if I am limbo at the moment, not sure which thing to prepare for first. Do we prepare for NZ first or do we pack so that we can move house first?
We have up until the end of May to move but we will end up moving when we find the right house, which could be in two weeks or when we are back.

Rental Inspection
I am sure we passed. The property manager was in her last week there and really didn't seem to care, despite the place being immaculate. I am sure we passed.

Miranda had her filling put in today so I eased the pain by taking the other 3 girls for a walk around a park nearby.
The park was 116 years old. Well, that was when it was originally made. It was a pretty nice park overall, and the girls picked up the frangani flowers from the ground. (after we read a sign which said not to pick the flowers)
They then gave the flowers to Dr Myra and Aunty Jo.

Time to get them into bed I guess and hope they sleep in tomorrow and that Merc sleeps all night.
She has been restless the last few nights and for some reason Miranda has been throwing up during the night but feeling fine during the day. So my nights have been filled with lots of waking hours. So many so that I run out of blogs to read. Maybe I should find some more!

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Shopping & Teddies

I stopped by a roadside stall today and ended up bringing home - 1 alovera, 2 burgandy bromelaids (sp?), and 1 purple and green spiky thing.
This was after the girls' teddy bear picnic.
The teddy bear picnic was a blast. They all enjoyed it. The activities were set for around the 7 year age group but Miranda, being the oldest there, enjoyed them as well. There was three legged races, colouring, biscuit decorating, something upstairs which I am not sure about, and all that yummy type of food kids like to eat (fairy bread, lollies, chocolate iced cupcakes, wafer fingers and tiny teddies. Oh and cordial to drink).
Erin joined in a few activities but mostly did as she pleased and that was fine by all, Mercedes was the entertainment for the adults until I brought her in from the sun and made her have a drink of very watered down apple juice.
I got some great shots of the scenery (it backed onto bushland), but am yet to download them.
After all this excitement it was a quick stop home to pick up some things, then off to mum's to see my aunty and give her what I picked up. She gave me my grandmothers unfinished longstitch (grandmother passed away December 22, 2004), and a broach. I hadn't expected to receive the broach but it was lovely, delicate thing with 3 pearls on it. Well, I wasn't given it, but asked to choose something, and this is what I chose, making sure that it was alright with the others first. The broach will go well with my shawls for winter.
It is funny how the fashion 30 years ago is now seen a lot today as the new type of fashion. The plants I bought today were all the vogue 30 years ago, and the jewellery I took home was also in fashion then (and is today also).

Well, time to go spend some time with the family before the kids head to bed.

nighty night


Talent Show Pics

Jadeen doing her clown act.

Miranda receiving her second place certificate for the 'other' category.


Mumma Did A Booboo

I started going through Erin's drawers in search of winter clothes to possibly take with us to NZ. She now has a half packed suitcase which she tried to carry out to the car so thatwe could go now. Oops!

In other news
Apparently Merc has been taking steps (just a single step) now and then for hubby. Something he forgot to mention to me until he read my blog about her lunging step. She did however take a single proper step for me last night.

Renting Vs. Buying
We rent because we can't buy. The bank won't give us any money because we are self employed and according to their figures we don't earn enough. Despite the fact we are currently paying more money in rent then we would in house repayments, means nothing to them. Unfortunately it goes on how much money we earn as employed in a job individuals and not on how much money the business earns.
I guess we will keep looking for that long term rental we so desire/want/need.

Why plant a fig tree (you all know how big they grow right?) under a shade cloth covered patio?

Friday, March 18, 2005


Gecko Girl Gets her Game

In the distance screams could be heard. They echoed along the corridors, reaching the sensative ears of 'Gecko Girl'.
'Gecko Girl' looked down from her ceiling pearch and along the corridor towards the screams. A moment of panic passed through her tiny brain. She knew what she must do, and with all four suction cup feet moving, she sped across the walls towards the sound.
What did she find?
She found a little girl, trapped beneath her mattress (calmly reading a book).
'Gecko Girl' removed the mattress prison and saved the day, not only gaining a thankful friend but side kick.
Introducing......'superhero girl' dressed in her white bunny rug of a cape.

Now back to school my little 'superheros'.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Lunging Steps & Eyes

Mercedes just took a step between the freezer and myself. Admittedly it was a lunging, half falling step, but it was still a step.
The eyes - The elder two had eye appointments this arvo (afternoon). While we waited, we watched 'Finding Nemo' in the children's waiting room. They were professional, friendly and knew what they were doing. We will go back when we have to for a checkup for Miranda in a few months time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Long term tenancy
Today we received a nice little letter in the mail saying we had to move out in 3 weeks time. It was the end of our lease and they didn't want to renew. Hubby has since talked things over with the real estate and they have agreed to let us stay till the end of May. Hubby explained that we have commitments which will keep us here until mid May.
This is frustrating as it has only been 18 months since we last moved.
Time to go take out the frustration on the laundry and get rid of it, into the appropriate drawers. Then to hack at the fig tree, weed the courtyard/pond, etc etc.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Chefs Hats & Aprons

Miranda is in a talent quest for Girls Brigade tonight, as is Jade. Jade's costume was simple and all we need to do is find a shirt to finish off Jade's outfit.
Miranda had decided to do cooking so for that I made her an apron and a chef's hat.
I will try to get photos tonight. It looks like a fun filled evening.

Monday, March 14, 2005


It Is Really Monday?

It doesn't feel like it. I feel like I have lost the weekend, I missed it somewhere. Today also seems to have gone by in a blur and I feel as if I have done a lot but done nothing also.
The kids were a struggle to get their schoolwork started before 10am, Jade starting just before lunch. Though they did not finish till late.
I have done the dishes twice, though it doesn't look like it, done a roun dof laundry but since I missed washing on the weekend it only makes a small dint. The house looks really messy but I know, or think I did something there.
On top of all the normal chores and schooling we received our 3 monthly inspection notice in the mail today. I have a week! Well, 8 days really, but it is still a week. I wish we were on 6 monthly inspections.
I also have to put together some costumes before tomorrow afternoon since the girls have their talent quest then, fortunately that is a simple job, even though it is time consuming.
Ok, enough complaining from me, time to unpack the rest of the order, pick up the strewn clothes, think about cooking dinner and start writing up my to-do list.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Today Not Tomorrow

Today was fun, long and tiring.
The day started off at 7am, which on a Saturday is too early, and it was off to horse riding. Jade got to have a 10 minute horse ride and she loved it. We will have to consider this carefully as to whether or not we put her into it.
After this it was time to pick up a few last minute things, then home to rush around and finish getting the place prepared. As it was, most of the party was spent indoors.
We played all the games except for the soccer goal one, and I was fortunate enough to have the hubby help me out in most of the games. Bubs was very clingy so his help made things go a lot easier.
Towards the end we had cake. It turned out well and once the icing actually set it looked a lot better.
The party pretty much went straight on to the dinner. The dinner went well.
Hubby bbq'd the salmon (it was almost too big for the bbq), while i shallow fried the prawn cutlets and then sent my sister across to the shop to pick up some hot chips. Dessert was provided for by my sister's friend.
We ate, we chatted and the kids all played.
This is the short and sweet version because now I am tired and ready to sleep before my kids do.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Tomorrow, Not Today!

Tomorrow is a big day for us.
Firstly Miranda has riding lessons and I am trying to work out a short trial ride for Jade (provided I can convince hubby)
Then it is preparation for Jade's party, almost 3 months past her actual birthday.
Jade's actual birthday is the day after Christmas and it is a terrible time of year to get her friends together for a party, so we organise a party for her a few months down the track, when everyone is settled into school and into life. As was the case last year, the party falls close to easter.
So far, she has 6 friends coming and her three sisters, and her aunty also. It should be fun.
The games we will be playing are :
  • fishing (a magnet on the end of a 'fishing rod' has to pick up a paper fish with a paperclip on it.)
  • pass the parcel (an all time favourite)
  • pop the balloon (there will be minties inside these and this game will be done after the fishing game)
  • easter egg hunt (I got this idea from a party she just went to recently)
  • put the nose on the clown
  • kick the soccer goal (as an extra if needed, and the weather is fine)
There will be a dolphin shaped cake, marshmallows, chips, cheezles, dinosaur lollies, jelly beans, octopus sausages (mini hot dogs cut in half then slit to about half way up, 4 times) and cordial

After this my sis and her friend will stay for dinner, as will some other friends of ours. We will be bbqing a whole salmon and having (maybe not this time) prawn cutlets. I got these on special.
Well I better stop now and get things out of the freezer, draw up my cake plans and tidy up the patio.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


How Come?

On Thursday nights, the kids always go to bed great but on other nights of the week they don't?
I think it has to do with the fact that I want to watch a show that night after they are asleep, so I prepare them earlier.
Maybe I should start watching TV more? but Alias isn't on yet.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Cindy seems to be in trouble, but not the kind you would think.



The weather in far north Queensland is about to take a turn for the worse. Winds 280km/hr plus are expected to hit tomorrow as the cyclone crosses the coastline.
The radio news today said people were already being evacuated or encouraged to seek adequate shelter and a good deal of supplies. I imagine the sewage system will have problems in the next few days, as will electricity etc. They have already experienced king tides, which are a side effect of cyclones.



We all headed in for our 6 monthly check up today. They all passed.
Miranda had a filling fall out so she needs to go back and get it fixed up at a later date (to coincide with a night's sleep over at her aunty's place, who also happens to be the dental assistant)
Jadeen was apprehensive at first, I had to peel her off the waiting room chair and then she laughed the whole way through apart from the time i popped my head in, and then she complained.
Erin was brave and wanted a second go round at having her teeth 'tickled'. She has very good teeth for someone who brushes her own teeth. She is only 3.
Mercedes screamed at the sight of Dr Myra and Aunty Jo with masks on their faces, but then she screamed most of the way there.
Hubby got his chipped tooth fixed and a cleaning.
I passed with flying colours, since it has been almost 5 years since I needed a filling.
All in all, it was a good visit, apart from the rampaging kids, screaming baby and awful sound of the cleaning tool ringing in my ears.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Echos In My Ears

This arvo the kids tested our ability to have a smooth, easy and short trip out.
The first cry was over the trike. She wanted to bring it and wouldn't listen to reason, so in the van it went.
Second cry that was heard, she wanted the trike out and to ride up and down the footpath at our destination. We compromised and she rode it out fornt of the shop.
Third cry. I want a puppy! (still going strong and has progressed down the ranks)
Fourth cry. I'm hungry (this was heard when we stopped for petrol)
Fifth cry. I want pink (she was referring to a lolly she bit into while we were paying for petrol and i had to buy it due to the teeth marks)
Now it is dinner time and we have 30 minutes until we go out again.
It will be a .....short....night....NOT!


Can You Say 'Renovate'?

This is what possibly needs to happen to our main bathroom. The guy came to stick on a few tiles and said that if one is loose then they are all bound to be loose. The owners have opted for a patch job for the moment though.
And we should be getting a call sometime soon in regards to having our dishwasher repaired....Yippee!

Monday, March 07, 2005



Sunday, March 06, 2005


Why Leave Home?

Just now I have put through an order for fresh fruit & veg, made up an order for non-perishables and other household items.
But I still need to go to the shops to get perishable groceries, which they won't deliver for my conveinence.
But ordering online does make things a lot easier, it means I can skip certain aisles and certain shops and it gets delivered right to my doorstep.
The internet is great isn't it!

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Fetch BoBo, Fetch!

I was going to write something else under a different title but I just heard my eldest telling the baby to fetch. She was attempting to get the baby out of her room by throwing a dolls potty.
She put Merc on it previously and now Merc is constantly trying to sit on it, despite the fact that it is too small for her. It is a comical site, watching my 13mth old trying to sit on a dolls potty which keeps slipping backwards as she tries to scoot backwards onto it.

*Update* - Merc is now crawling around on only her hands and feet, no knees, well most of the time. She also has been seen climbing into small things (small containers, the dogs water dish, etc). She was also spied crawling into a draw!

In other news, Miranda had her room rearranged today. I did most of the work but you wouldn't think so if you listened to Miranda speak.We ended up getting rid of 4 grocery bags of rubbish/papers and things she definately didn't need or want. We shifted some backless shelves against the window and used them as a headboard for her bed. Made room for the new cupboard which will be put in tomorrow afternoon. Rearranged most of her belongings. (I haven't touched the other stuff yet because I didn't want to spend ALL day in there). We even pinned some light chiffon material to the back of the shelves to make it look special.

After all that, and during, we played a game of yahtzee, watched bits and peices of Treasure Planet, had lunch, cut out some aprons for the kids (need to be sewed up yet), cooked dinner (pizza and garlic bread), did dishes and attempted to put them to bed (no luck so far).
I am exhausted, especially since Merc had me up twice last night and I did go to bed late for me. Fortunately it was still dark at 5.09am so I was able to go back to bed.

Do you think if I ignore thehm long enough they will go to sleep?



Hi there.
It has been a b*tch to update this blog recently as we have been having server problems. Seems to be all fixed now though, but the only problem is that hubby has a LAN on this weekend so my pc is gone and I can't be bothered using one of the others, apart from now.
Anyhow, I got a big one. A big fish that is. Salmon to be exact. Unfortunately I had to freeze it as there was no way it was going to be eaten before the weekend and I went shopping on Tuesday.
Speaking about shopping, I hate easter time, especially when they display the fragile easter eggs on the lower shelves, just in reach of little fingers. When they first put easter eggs out (end of january i think, maybe earlier) I had to end up buying one because Erin got to it and started eating it, saying she was hungry.
Last night, hubby picked up a solid wood wardrobe and dresser from my mum's. She gave them to us as she had treated herself and her only daughter remaining at home, to new bedroom suites. We scored this good, solid furniture and am now in the process of rearranging Miranda's room so we can fit the wardrobe in there.
Junk, there is a heap of it in Miranda's room, particularly under the bed. I have filled 2.5 shopping bags with it so far. I am begining to wish I hadn't decided to rearrange her room but then if I do most of the work then I get to choose what stays and what goes. That is the rule here in this house. I do the work I make the decisions (when it comes to tidying out/up things).
Well I better get to it, as bubs is trying to help me type. She is now tall enough to reach the table, if she stands on her +toes.3..3

Friday, March 04, 2005


Almost There

Merc is almost there. She is getting better at standing on her own, without holding on and is doing it more and more frequently. It won't be long till she is walking/running around the place.
I don't have a lot to say but I will say this.
I conquered the mountain. The mountain of laundry is no longer, well at least until Jade finishes getting it off the line and dumps it in the nursery/spare room. There is 3 loads of washing on there, but it isn't too bad as a lot of it is bed sheets.

Only 7 weeks till NZ.

Here are a few new places to check out

Short and Sweet

The Things I See

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dip Me In Honey & Roll Me In Sugar

Mercedes has learnt to lick. She licks her hands when there is something tasty on them, she licks out her bowl, she even licks me. She will bite/suck on my nose and walk around holding our hands (she hasn't enough balance to walk by only holding on with one hand).
She is going slowly with her baby signing and I picked up a book that both her and I can look through on baby signing. The older girls are eager to help her learn it also.
Merc had 4 needles yesterday so her legs are sore today. Poor little girl did scream while in the nurses office. She goes back in 2 months time for another needle, then she will go back in august for her 18mth needles.

Miranda is doing well at school though today she is just sitting there doing nothing. (We are having a sick day as I feel ick and think my no need for medication asthma is playing up. It is starting to feel better since I lay down and allowed my ribcage to expand. I am still tired though)

Jadeen, has been very creative lately, drawing heaps of pictures with the new pencils daddy bought her. She has also been singing a lot since her visit with Aunty Jo.

Erin is being a cutey and still demanding lots of attention as is the norm. She no longer goes to childcare (she was not happy there and it was taking a minimum of 2 hours out of my day I could have used elsewhere)

Well I better get to the dishes and deal with them. There is an extra amount since hubby invited people around and by the time I was heading to bed there was at least an extra 3 people here. Last night was a busy night and hubby never ended up doing what he was meant to.

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