Thursday, March 24, 2005


Check List

Passports - done and sent in

House hunting - still continuing, we were rejcted in our last application put in, not that this is a bad thing

School work - almost there

Laundry - starting to mount up but will be in control of it after this weekend

- hopefully that will be rectified after this weekend

Writing an intelligent blog post
- Was done but then blogger malfunctioned and I lost it. Was unable to recreate it, the moment was gone

'Blond' moment
- no offense meant to natural and unnatural blonds - completed yesterday (I was wondering why it wouldn't unlock, the key was upside down!)

Easter treat production
- happening after school and after lunch, hopefully today

- before we move sometime

Date with husband - Saturday night with kids, at home cause I would rather sleep and have kids sleep

- now, so ciao

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