Sunday, March 27, 2005


Childhood Obesity - Whose Fault Is It?

I do not mean to pick, but when you see a 2 year old (possibly 3) that is as tall as your 3 year old but could quite easily fit three of your 3 year old inside one of her pairs of shorts, who do you actually blame?
I have heard somewhere that up till the age of 5, a child's body will tell it when to stop eating, therefore stopping the child from over-eating. I have only ever seen one other child (about 5 years of age) that was as big as this little girl. Her parents weren't overweight, her grandparents weren't over weight. Perhaps she had a medical condition which caused her to be so big. Perhaps her parents let her eat what she wanted to. I do not really know.
When a child is that young, who is responsible?
I am writing about this as it concerns me. I look at myself after having had 4 kids and I look at the teenagers (well quite a few of them) and I see similarities in sizes. I have a bit of a belly from having the kids and we all know what pregnancy does to someone.
I have nothing against those overweight, all those I know are pretty nice people.
I just want them to take better care of their health so they don't have problems later on in life.
What is your opinion?

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