Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dip Me In Honey & Roll Me In Sugar

Mercedes has learnt to lick. She licks her hands when there is something tasty on them, she licks out her bowl, she even licks me. She will bite/suck on my nose and walk around holding our hands (she hasn't enough balance to walk by only holding on with one hand).
She is going slowly with her baby signing and I picked up a book that both her and I can look through on baby signing. The older girls are eager to help her learn it also.
Merc had 4 needles yesterday so her legs are sore today. Poor little girl did scream while in the nurses office. She goes back in 2 months time for another needle, then she will go back in august for her 18mth needles.

Miranda is doing well at school though today she is just sitting there doing nothing. (We are having a sick day as I feel ick and think my no need for medication asthma is playing up. It is starting to feel better since I lay down and allowed my ribcage to expand. I am still tired though)

Jadeen, has been very creative lately, drawing heaps of pictures with the new pencils daddy bought her. She has also been singing a lot since her visit with Aunty Jo.

Erin is being a cutey and still demanding lots of attention as is the norm. She no longer goes to childcare (she was not happy there and it was taking a minimum of 2 hours out of my day I could have used elsewhere)

Well I better get to the dishes and deal with them. There is an extra amount since hubby invited people around and by the time I was heading to bed there was at least an extra 3 people here. Last night was a busy night and hubby never ended up doing what he was meant to.

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