Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Echos In My Ears

This arvo the kids tested our ability to have a smooth, easy and short trip out.
The first cry was over the trike. She wanted to bring it and wouldn't listen to reason, so in the van it went.
Second cry that was heard, she wanted the trike out and to ride up and down the footpath at our destination. We compromised and she rode it out fornt of the shop.
Third cry. I want a puppy! (still going strong and has progressed down the ranks)
Fourth cry. I'm hungry (this was heard when we stopped for petrol)
Fifth cry. I want pink (she was referring to a lolly she bit into while we were paying for petrol and i had to buy it due to the teeth marks)
Now it is dinner time and we have 30 minutes until we go out again.
It will be a .....short....night....NOT!

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