Saturday, March 05, 2005


Fetch BoBo, Fetch!

I was going to write something else under a different title but I just heard my eldest telling the baby to fetch. She was attempting to get the baby out of her room by throwing a dolls potty.
She put Merc on it previously and now Merc is constantly trying to sit on it, despite the fact that it is too small for her. It is a comical site, watching my 13mth old trying to sit on a dolls potty which keeps slipping backwards as she tries to scoot backwards onto it.

*Update* - Merc is now crawling around on only her hands and feet, no knees, well most of the time. She also has been seen climbing into small things (small containers, the dogs water dish, etc). She was also spied crawling into a draw!

In other news, Miranda had her room rearranged today. I did most of the work but you wouldn't think so if you listened to Miranda speak.We ended up getting rid of 4 grocery bags of rubbish/papers and things she definately didn't need or want. We shifted some backless shelves against the window and used them as a headboard for her bed. Made room for the new cupboard which will be put in tomorrow afternoon. Rearranged most of her belongings. (I haven't touched the other stuff yet because I didn't want to spend ALL day in there). We even pinned some light chiffon material to the back of the shelves to make it look special.

After all that, and during, we played a game of yahtzee, watched bits and peices of Treasure Planet, had lunch, cut out some aprons for the kids (need to be sewed up yet), cooked dinner (pizza and garlic bread), did dishes and attempted to put them to bed (no luck so far).
I am exhausted, especially since Merc had me up twice last night and I did go to bed late for me. Fortunately it was still dark at 5.09am so I was able to go back to bed.

Do you think if I ignore thehm long enough they will go to sleep?

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