Wednesday, March 23, 2005


In No Particular Order

Mercedes Walks
Mercedes just walked about 1 metre unaided before she plopped down to the ground. She was very proud of herself.
I would say she took about 6 steps this time. She will definately be walking by the time we are in NZ.

House Hunting
We are still hunting for a house though we currently have an application on one place near my mothers house.

It was a struggle going shopping this arvo. I originally went to the shops in order to find some suppliese with which I could make some easter gifts for family.
I left having bought nothing since Erin would not stay with us. We even lost her at one stage.
We were waiting for the lift (which happens to be near the ramp downstairs) and she took off. I thought she would come back but when she didn't we headed off after her. I guess you could say it was lucky that she knew her way around this place as she didn't wander anywhere too hidden.
Where did we find her? In the toilets. It was good that she didn't wet her pants but it was bad that she went off without telling us that.
That was the easy part. The hard part was getting her to the car. She would not walk and spent half the trip there swinging/being dragged between Jade and I. She complained loudly, as toddlers do, all the way.
We hardly even got a strange look from the people we passed. We could have been kidnapping her and no one really seemed concerned.
Eventually I let Jadeen have a break and I carried her, and Merc to the car to the protests of "No Mummy, no!" and "My tummy hurts mummy, put me down"
If I did put her down then she would take off the other way or be a rock on the ground.
I decided to bypass the confectionery warehouse and make our eggs this year.
The plan is to make some fudge and cover it in chocolate. Actually that sound slike a good plan, and provided the fudge doesnt melt the chocolate moulds we should do ok.

I feel as if I am limbo at the moment, not sure which thing to prepare for first. Do we prepare for NZ first or do we pack so that we can move house first?
We have up until the end of May to move but we will end up moving when we find the right house, which could be in two weeks or when we are back.

Rental Inspection
I am sure we passed. The property manager was in her last week there and really didn't seem to care, despite the place being immaculate. I am sure we passed.

Miranda had her filling put in today so I eased the pain by taking the other 3 girls for a walk around a park nearby.
The park was 116 years old. Well, that was when it was originally made. It was a pretty nice park overall, and the girls picked up the frangani flowers from the ground. (after we read a sign which said not to pick the flowers)
They then gave the flowers to Dr Myra and Aunty Jo.

Time to get them into bed I guess and hope they sleep in tomorrow and that Merc sleeps all night.
She has been restless the last few nights and for some reason Miranda has been throwing up during the night but feeling fine during the day. So my nights have been filled with lots of waking hours. So many so that I run out of blogs to read. Maybe I should find some more!

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