Monday, March 14, 2005


It Is Really Monday?

It doesn't feel like it. I feel like I have lost the weekend, I missed it somewhere. Today also seems to have gone by in a blur and I feel as if I have done a lot but done nothing also.
The kids were a struggle to get their schoolwork started before 10am, Jade starting just before lunch. Though they did not finish till late.
I have done the dishes twice, though it doesn't look like it, done a roun dof laundry but since I missed washing on the weekend it only makes a small dint. The house looks really messy but I know, or think I did something there.
On top of all the normal chores and schooling we received our 3 monthly inspection notice in the mail today. I have a week! Well, 8 days really, but it is still a week. I wish we were on 6 monthly inspections.
I also have to put together some costumes before tomorrow afternoon since the girls have their talent quest then, fortunately that is a simple job, even though it is time consuming.
Ok, enough complaining from me, time to unpack the rest of the order, pick up the strewn clothes, think about cooking dinner and start writing up my to-do list.

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