Saturday, March 19, 2005


Mumma Did A Booboo

I started going through Erin's drawers in search of winter clothes to possibly take with us to NZ. She now has a half packed suitcase which she tried to carry out to the car so thatwe could go now. Oops!

In other news
Apparently Merc has been taking steps (just a single step) now and then for hubby. Something he forgot to mention to me until he read my blog about her lunging step. She did however take a single proper step for me last night.

Renting Vs. Buying
We rent because we can't buy. The bank won't give us any money because we are self employed and according to their figures we don't earn enough. Despite the fact we are currently paying more money in rent then we would in house repayments, means nothing to them. Unfortunately it goes on how much money we earn as employed in a job individuals and not on how much money the business earns.
I guess we will keep looking for that long term rental we so desire/want/need.

Why plant a fig tree (you all know how big they grow right?) under a shade cloth covered patio?

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