Saturday, March 19, 2005


Shopping & Teddies

I stopped by a roadside stall today and ended up bringing home - 1 alovera, 2 burgandy bromelaids (sp?), and 1 purple and green spiky thing.
This was after the girls' teddy bear picnic.
The teddy bear picnic was a blast. They all enjoyed it. The activities were set for around the 7 year age group but Miranda, being the oldest there, enjoyed them as well. There was three legged races, colouring, biscuit decorating, something upstairs which I am not sure about, and all that yummy type of food kids like to eat (fairy bread, lollies, chocolate iced cupcakes, wafer fingers and tiny teddies. Oh and cordial to drink).
Erin joined in a few activities but mostly did as she pleased and that was fine by all, Mercedes was the entertainment for the adults until I brought her in from the sun and made her have a drink of very watered down apple juice.
I got some great shots of the scenery (it backed onto bushland), but am yet to download them.
After all this excitement it was a quick stop home to pick up some things, then off to mum's to see my aunty and give her what I picked up. She gave me my grandmothers unfinished longstitch (grandmother passed away December 22, 2004), and a broach. I hadn't expected to receive the broach but it was lovely, delicate thing with 3 pearls on it. Well, I wasn't given it, but asked to choose something, and this is what I chose, making sure that it was alright with the others first. The broach will go well with my shawls for winter.
It is funny how the fashion 30 years ago is now seen a lot today as the new type of fashion. The plants I bought today were all the vogue 30 years ago, and the jewellery I took home was also in fashion then (and is today also).

Well, time to go spend some time with the family before the kids head to bed.

nighty night

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