Saturday, March 05, 2005



Hi there.
It has been a b*tch to update this blog recently as we have been having server problems. Seems to be all fixed now though, but the only problem is that hubby has a LAN on this weekend so my pc is gone and I can't be bothered using one of the others, apart from now.
Anyhow, I got a big one. A big fish that is. Salmon to be exact. Unfortunately I had to freeze it as there was no way it was going to be eaten before the weekend and I went shopping on Tuesday.
Speaking about shopping, I hate easter time, especially when they display the fragile easter eggs on the lower shelves, just in reach of little fingers. When they first put easter eggs out (end of january i think, maybe earlier) I had to end up buying one because Erin got to it and started eating it, saying she was hungry.
Last night, hubby picked up a solid wood wardrobe and dresser from my mum's. She gave them to us as she had treated herself and her only daughter remaining at home, to new bedroom suites. We scored this good, solid furniture and am now in the process of rearranging Miranda's room so we can fit the wardrobe in there.
Junk, there is a heap of it in Miranda's room, particularly under the bed. I have filled 2.5 shopping bags with it so far. I am begining to wish I hadn't decided to rearrange her room but then if I do most of the work then I get to choose what stays and what goes. That is the rule here in this house. I do the work I make the decisions (when it comes to tidying out/up things).
Well I better get to it, as bubs is trying to help me type. She is now tall enough to reach the table, if she stands on her +toes.3..3

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