Saturday, March 12, 2005


Today Not Tomorrow

Today was fun, long and tiring.
The day started off at 7am, which on a Saturday is too early, and it was off to horse riding. Jade got to have a 10 minute horse ride and she loved it. We will have to consider this carefully as to whether or not we put her into it.
After this it was time to pick up a few last minute things, then home to rush around and finish getting the place prepared. As it was, most of the party was spent indoors.
We played all the games except for the soccer goal one, and I was fortunate enough to have the hubby help me out in most of the games. Bubs was very clingy so his help made things go a lot easier.
Towards the end we had cake. It turned out well and once the icing actually set it looked a lot better.
The party pretty much went straight on to the dinner. The dinner went well.
Hubby bbq'd the salmon (it was almost too big for the bbq), while i shallow fried the prawn cutlets and then sent my sister across to the shop to pick up some hot chips. Dessert was provided for by my sister's friend.
We ate, we chatted and the kids all played.
This is the short and sweet version because now I am tired and ready to sleep before my kids do.

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